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Don’t drink and drive….household appliances

A third of homeowners have admitted starting a fire or flood, or smashing valuable items, as a result of being drunk in the home. This has led to an astonishing £700m worth of damage, according to one UK insurer.

Recent research by insurer More Than showed that 83 per cent of us enjoy a drink at home after work, with 61 per cent admitting that they then regularly get drunk. Incredibly, this has resulted in significant damage to 1.5 million homes.

The most damage appears to be caused by mundane activities, in particular cooking a pizza, toast or bacon in an oven or grill. And the biggest offenders are those aged between 35 and 54.

A spokesperson from More Than commented: “The dangers of drink driving are well documented, but the perils of being drunk in the home are not. Yet, as this research shows, the home can be a highly-precarious place for somebody with impaired judgement.”

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