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Clocks go back – and break ins go up

We all need to remember to put our clocks back this weekend. Apart from the fact that we get an extra hour in bed, I always find this really sad. It brings darker evenings and means that winter isn’t very far away.

But apparently there are other worrying aspects about the clocks going back. According to a recent report by Cooperative Insurance, it also heralds a rise in insurance claims resulting from home burglaries. Break ins rise by 36 per cent after the end of October, with thieves taking advantage of more hours of darkness. Over two thirds of these break ins are classified as ‘forcible and violent entry’, while 27 per cent are opportunistic.

The research also showed that Friday is the most popular day for home break-ins and Sunday the least – probably because we’re more likely to be out in the evening on a Friday.

So what should you do to protect your home from a break in? The Coop has some helpful advice based on suggestions from people who can only be described as highly-experienced experts: they asked a panel of ex-convicts what they thought are the key deterrents for would-be thieves.

Top of the list are CCTV cameras (real or dummy), barking dogs and heavy doors. The sound of TVs coming from inside, locked UPVC windows and cars parked on the driveway are next. Break ins are also less likely if the property has fences and gates around it, while motion-activated lights come tenth on the list of most successful deterrents.

But nothing will stop home break ins completely. So a key point to remember is to make sure your home insurance is up to date and that you are covered appropriately. You should review your insurance each year so that it includes new purchases and correctly reflects the current value of items such as jewellery.

But if the worst should happen and you need to make an insurance claim, then we can help to ensure that you receive exactly what you’re entitled to under the terms of your insurance policy. We’re only a phone call away.

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