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Businesses flooded in Cornwall: get our free Guide.

The floods in Cornwall this week have devastated many business premises. Business owners face an extremely difficult time dealing with the aftermath and protecting their business. At the same time they have to make what can be an extremely complicated insurance claim. Help is at hand with Morgan Clark’s in-depth Guide to Making an Insurance Claim: A Flood at your Business Premises.

When making a business insurance claim after a flood, it’s not only about restoring the damage to the property. There are other critical factors to include, such as mitigating your loss, finding alternative premises, putting together a communications plan, and then ensuring you claim accurately for increased cost of working and loss of profits.

The Morgan Clark Guide takes you through in detail everything you need to do to protect and restore your property and your business. Using our in-depth experience over many years of working with businesses who have suffered devastating floods, it takes you, step-by-step, through the entire claims procedure. It also lists your options so you can make informed decisions at critical times in this complicated process.

To find out more about the Morgan Clark Guide and to obtain your free copy, go to our special page on the Cornwall floods.

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