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Beat your neighbours back indoors

As autumn starts to make itself felt, with torrential rains falling in parts of the country, the risk of flooding is back. If the worst happens and your home is flooded, then using an insurance assessor or loss assessor will enable you to  move back into your house more quickly following a flood. It’s been estimated that using a professional claims handler for your insurance claim can cut the time you are out of your property by months, while also ensuring your house is properly restored.

If your house has been flooded and you’ve had to move your family into temporary accommodation, your priority is to get back home as quickly as possible. So there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your neighbours move back in before you.

It’s highly likely that your neighbours have speeded things up by employing professional loss assessors to deal with their insurance claim. Loss assessors are experts in handling claims in the wake of disasters such as fire or flood, and their experience makes the process considerably less stressful and more streamlined than if you go it alone.

Loss assessors accelerate all aspects of a claim, from the moment disaster strikes to when you can move back in. They know the best dry-out and emergency works companies and bring them in speedily to secure your property before more damage happens. They keep the claim progressing and know what your insurer needs every step of the way. And they will ensure you don’t store up problems such as wet or dry rot for the future – which will not then be covered by your insurance.

In short, they make the difference between whether it’s you or your neighbours who move back in first.

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