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Avoid insurance claims: simple precautions to protect your home

Winter is fast approaching, and a cold snap could be on its way. One home insurance company has urged homeowners to carry out some simple steps to protect their home from the weather.

Swinton Insurance has published a useful guide to ensure your home is fully winter-proofed before the really cold weather sets in:

  • Clean out gutters and check the roof: leaky roofs or blocked drains may not be covered by buildings insurance.
  • Check insulation in the loft.
  • Get your boiler serviced: this only costs between £50 and £80 for a standard boiler. And consider putting thermostatic radiator valves in individual rooms.
  • Put foam insulation strips on windows and draught excluders on doors: this can keep the house warm and also prevent damp problems.
  • Insulate pipes to prevent them freezing. And make sure everyone in the house knows the location of the stop cock in case of emergencies.
  • If you are leaving the house for any time, keep the heating on low to maintain the warmth of the property and avoid pipes freezing.
A spokesman for the company advised: “Homeowners must remember that not all winter damages will be covered by insurance, so they should double check their policies and ensure they are adequately covered for all home emergencies.”

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