Are we planning to flood?

March 17, 2017 9:53 am

The recent threat of a tidal surge along the east coast of England was dramatic but thankfully it didn’t cause the flooding predicted. Some unfortunate residents did see water coming into their homes but many escaped with no damage.

We know from all the times we’ve worked with people in flood-hit areas that one of their overriding concerns is ‘will it happen again?’ Many of them fear that flood resilience investment is just not sufficient to prevent future disasters. Others worry that the pressure to build new houses – which seems to be happening even in flood-risk areas – could result in making the situation even worse.

Anyone in this position may be interested in an event taking place in a couple of weeks, run by the National Flood Forum. This charitable organisation has done amazing work in helping people either at risk from or already hit by floods, and also in keeping the subject of flooding high on the national agenda.

This one-day conference, which will take place in London on Wednesday 1st February, is called Are we planning to flood. It will look at howplanners, developers and communities can work together to build safer places for the future.

The main subject to be covered is how we can plan and build flood-resilient communities, and also ensure current and future developments are sustainable. The Under-Secretary of State with responsibility for flooding, Therese Coffey, will be the keynote speaker, and there will also be contributions from flood prevention groups, the Environment Agency, residents’ associations, planners, councils and many more.

It sounds like a really pertinent event if you’re involved in any aspect of flood prevention. If you’d like to find out more, then all the details are here.