Animal dangers

October 16, 2015 6:16 am

I don’t have any pets – and according to a recent news article it might be just as well. One major insurer has reported that they can lead to some rather weird and wonderful insurance claims.

RIAS has looked at its claims from last year and some of the more unusual ones involved animals. These resulted in thousands of pounds worth of payouts and included:

  • An over-enthusiastic dog in Slough who fancied a swim and decided to dive in to some lovely crystal-clear ocean water. Unfortunately the water was on a TV screen in the living room – and this misjudged leap caused hundreds of pounds of damage.
  • Door bells can send some dogs wild – including one from Carlisle who jumped up in excitement when the chimes went and leapt on to his owner’s lap, where there was a computer and the owner was in the middle of drinking a cup of tea….
  • A Belfast man annoyed his pet bearded dragon by cleaning his tank, which resulted in a nasty bite. He jumped backwards in pain into his TV set, causing nearly £400 of damage.

But it’s not just pet animals – wild ones can be just as much trouble:

  • A Rochester man was cleaning his teeth when a wasp flew in through window. He panicked and tried to shoo it away, knocking over a glass which cracked the basin and led to a £1000 insurance claim.
  • A pigeon flew into a bathroom in Northampton, catapulting a vase from the windowsill into the loo and cracking the bowl.
  • Two magpies were fighting in Kilmarnock and crashed through a conservatory roof, causing significant damage and a very large payout.

And finally, the sad tale of someone who literally ‘cooked his goose’. An Enfield man attempted to barbecue an entire goose – and we know how fatty they can be. Rather than a crisp and delicious lunch, the goose caught fire and melted the entire barbecue, causing £1300 worth of damage.

I’ll stick to sausages and ribs….