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Common causes of workplace fires in the UK

Commercial fire statistics for the year 2020/2021 There were 11,916 fires in non-residential buildings in 2020/21. The following workplace fire statistics have been compiled to shed light on the significant fire risks faced by UK businesses.  Key commercial fire facts Faulty appliances and leads are the leading cause of workplace fires A fifth of workplace […]

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Underinsurance Pandemic – Morgan Clark shares their views with BIBA

Morgan Clark joined The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) as Associate Members in 2019 and are the only Loss Assessor firm to have this membership. BIBA is the UK’s leading insurance intermediary organisation, representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries and their customers and advising on key insurance issues. Morgan Clark works closely with BIBA to […]

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Home security advice when going on holiday

It’s that time of year when our minds start to turn to booking holidays. As the entire family gets ready to escape for a week or two, it’s important to remember the risks it can bring for your home. At this time of year, burglaries increase as more people leave their homes unattended for long […]

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Gas BBQ safety tips

With warmer weather is on its way, many of us will be looking forward to firing up up the BBQ. But before you do, take a moment to consider these safety tips – particularly if you’ll using a gas BBQ to grill your sausages this summer.  Never store gas cylinders under the stairs: if there […]

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Candle fire safety tips

Candles may not seem like a huge fire risk – after all, many of us enjoy lighting a candle or two in the evenings – but it’s important to use them with care. Even if you regularly burn candles, make sure you are always taking the necessary precautions to protect your home and the people […]

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Fire insurance claim examples

In 2018/19, more than 36,000 homes across the UK were impacted by fire, a figure which serves as a stark reminder of just how vulnerable homeowners are to the threat of fire.  In the immediate aftermath of a house fire, homeowners will face a number of critical decisions that could impact the outcome of their […]

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Flood insurance claim examples

We’ve compiled the following examples of flood insurance claims to illustrate some of the types of claims we encounter, the various ways we help our clients, and the results we achieve. For more examples of flood claims, and other types of insurance claims we’ve managed on behalf of our clients, visit our insurance case studies […]

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How to protect your business over the Christmas holiday

With the holidays approaching, we are all looking forward to some extended time away from work. Unfortunately, that time away can put your business premises at higher risk of theft, fire, flooding and other devastating incidents. Here is how to protect your business over the Christmas holiday while it’s receiving less attention from you and […]

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5 things to do at the beginning of an insurance claim

Having sufficient home insurance will go a long way in helping you get back on track after a fire, flood or other loss in your home. However, the steps you take – or don’t take – at the beginning of your claim can affect how smoothly the claim goes and whether you receive the full […]

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The role of the Loss Assessor in a flood insurance claim

Managing a flood insurance claim can be an extremely complicated affair, which is in turn time consuming and stressful for the individual responsible for managing the claim. A Loss Assessor alleviates this stress by managing the whole claims process on your behalf. As part of the claims management service, a Loss Assessor will typically offer […]

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Christmas fire safety tips

From candles to trees, Christmas can be one of the most dangerous times of the year for fire. Official UK fire statistics show house fires are most common in December and consequently, insurers receive more fire claims in December than any other month. A little preparation and planning can help you avoid having your holidays […]

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UK home insurance claim statistics

This article was updated on August 25 2021. Home insurance provides essential cover for homeowners throughout the UK. There are effectively three types of home insurance policies: buildings insurance, contents insurance, and buildings & contents insurance as a combined policy.  For many homeowners, buildings and contents insurance exists merely as a safety net, often never […]

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Preparing a flood emergency kit

Clear thinking can be difficult in a crisis situation. Therefore, we’ve prepared a basic list of some items that you might like to have on hand before and during a flood. A basic emergency flood kit should include the following items: Emergency checklist and a list of important phone numbers Toolbox – with a variety […]

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Nowadays, most of us use the internet on a daily basis. Whether we use technology professionally or personally, it’s important to be aware of the risks that exist – especially as things change fast in the online world. That is why October is Cyber Security Awareness month, with a number of campaigns dedicated to promoting […]

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Is your tumble dryer a fire risk?

Electrical appliances account for approximately 12% of UK house fires and tumble dryers are frequently to blame. In 2019, a recall notice was issued over concerns that an estimated 500,000 Whirlpool tumble dryers posed a potential fire risk. Prior to this, millions of Whirlpool machines sold under it’s Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline brands […]

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Common signs of a chimney fire

Unlike other fires in the home, chimney fires can go undetected. Of the 7,000 or so chimney fires that occur in England every year, many of them are slow-burning fires that may not be obvious and are only detected upon inspection. Regular chimney inspections can help prevent a fire in your home, but it’s also […]

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Is your business prepared for a fire safety inspection?

Whether you run an office-based company or a public-facing business, there are a number of fire safety regulations that you need to adhere to in order to operate legally. As well as helping to save lives and protect your business, it is also your legal duty to ensure your premises meet the necessary fire regulations.  […]

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Does building insurance cover subsidence?

Subsidence is not going to be an issue for all homeowners. However, if it is something that could affect you, you might be wondering if it’s possible for your building insurance to cover it. Here is everything you need to know if you’re looking to insure a property that suffers – or could suffer – […]

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Why do insurance companies use Loss Adjusters?

A Loss Adjuster – also sometimes referred to as a Claims Adjuster or Insurance Adjuster – is one of the parties you might encounter during an insurance claim. Insurance companies do not use Loss Adjusters in every case, but it’s not unusual to encounter a Loss Adjuster when you are making a claim on your […]

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UK flood statistics & facts about flooding

With sea-levels rising because of climate change, and the weather becoming more extreme and erratic, the threat of flooding in the UK is ever-increasing. Met Office records show that since 1910 there have been 17 record-breaking rainfall months or seasons – 9 of which have occurred within the last 20 years. The following flooding statistics […]

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Preventing burglaries while you’re on holiday

With travel restrictions beginning to lift, many of us are itching to get away this summer. And, with most of us barely leaving our homes for the last few months, it’s even more crucial to make sure everything is secure when you go. Whether it’s a local holiday or somewhere further afield, here is everything […]

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Why are flood risks in the UK rising?

We are used to hearing about climate change almost daily, but what does it actually mean for UK residents? The answer, unfortunately, isn’t an entirely positive one. With global temperatures on the rise, the risk of flooding in UK homes is increasing. If temperatures continue to rise in the way they are predicted to, the […]

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What to do before, during and after a flood

A flood can completely devastate a home, as well as the lives of those involved. With many homes in the UK at risk from flooding, it is important to know what you should do if the worst were to happen. Here is how to prepare for a flood and what to do if a flood […]

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Watch Mrs Evans’ video to understand her experience of a fire claim as a landlord

Although our website has plenty of written case studies from previous clients, we know sometimes people prefer to hear from the client themselves. That’s why it is fantastic when our previous clients are happy to speak to you and share their stories in a video. Rather than simply taking our word for it, our customer […]

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How many smoke alarms does my house need?

We all know that we should fit our homes with smoke alarms and check them regularly, but how many smoke alarms is enough? While there’s no exact number that every home should have, buildings regulations in the UK require your property to meet certain standards. In reality, though, it’s probably a good idea to have […]

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Preparing your home for winter

The cold winter months can play havoc with our homes. From frozen pipes to leaky roofs, the unpredictability and severity of the British weather can present major problems for homeowners. Here are some simple steps to help you prepare your home for winter, along with a useful graphic to illustrate the areas of the home […]

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How are fire insurance claims calculated?

We all hope that we will never suffer a fire or any other devastating incident in our homes, but there is always a risk that something could happen. In the event that a fire does break out in your property, you might be wondering what you will be covered for and how your home insurance […]

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First-hand experience of a fire insurance claim

Here at Morgan Clark, we know just how much of an impact our experienced team of Loss Assessors can have helping people live through major insurance claims, but we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. We know it’s much more reassuring to hear from someone who has been in your shoes, […]

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What is a Loss Adjuster’s report?

If you ever need to make a claim on your home, landlord or business insurance, it’s likely that you will come into contact with a Loss Adjuster. This is someone who is appointed by your insurance provider to investigate your claim on their behalf. A Loss Adjuster will do this by visiting your property or […]

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How to mitigate flood damage

As the UK’s weather patterns become more erratic, flooding is affecting increasing numbers of homeowners throughout the country. Flood experts estimate that if your property is situated in a flood risk area, you are 30% more likely to experience flooding, the consequences of which can be disastrous, both emotionally and financially. However, with a bit […]

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Burst water pipes and insurance: Are you covered?

As we head into the heart of winter, the weather is getting colder every day. It is at this time of year that water pipes are most susceptible to freezing, which can lead to a leak. There are several reasons why water pipes might burst as the weather gets colder, but there are a few […]

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UK house fire statistics

This article was updated on June 21 2021. A fire in the home can occur at any time, without warning. Even with the best precautions in place, no property is immune from the risks of fire and the often irreversible devastation and heartbreak it can cause. The following UK fire statistics have been compiled to […]

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Electrical Fire Safety Week (18th – 24th Nov)

The week beginning November 18th is Electrical Fire Safety Week. With Fire Rescue Services across country gearing up to raise awareness of electrical fires, there’s no better time to check you know how to keep your home safe. We all use electricity in our day to day lives. From charging our phones and watching TV […]

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Protecting your business from flooding

With the weather in the UK becoming less predictable and more severe, now more than ever business owners need to be proactive in mitigating flood risk. Here are some practical steps business owners can take to do just that.  Check your insurance policies Your buildings, stock, equipment, fixtures and fittings insurance will offer cover in […]

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Why do water pipes burst and how you can stop them bursting?

Burst water pipes are one of the most common home insurance claims that homeowners make, but what causes them to burst? And, more importantly, how can you prevent the pipes in your property from bursting? A burst pipe is usually the result of changes in temperature. When water freezes in a pipe, it can expand […]

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What causes chimney fires?

With over 200 people losing their lives to chimney fires in the UK last year, chimney fires are a risk all homeowners should be aware of. The recent Chimney Fire Safety Week, which took place during the first full week of September, focused on raising awareness of the risks associated with chimney fires – and […]

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Chimney Fire Safety Week (2nd – 8th Sept)

Next week is Chimney Fire Safety Week. Beginning on Monday 2nd September and running through Sunday 8th September 2019, Chimney Fire Safety Week is celebrating its 11th year this September. Here is everything you need to know about the week ahead of the upcoming event. Raising awareness of chimney safety First introduced in 2009, Chimney […]

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Different types of flooding in the UK

Floods in the UK may be rare, but they can have devastating consequences for those who are affected by them. According to Flood Guidance, 1 in 6 UK homes is at risk of flooding and, when flooding does happen, both homeowners and business owners alike can be left dealing with major damage to their properties […]

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The unseen damage a fire can cause

It is hard to imagine anything more devastating to a family home than the effects of a fire. Thankfully, with the advance of fire-resistant materials, the improvements in smoke alarms and better public awareness thanks to the fire service, we are seeing a drop in the overall number and severity of fires over time. It […]

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How much time do you have to file a home insurance claim?

If you’ve suffered a fire, flood or burst pipe in your home, you’ll probably need to make a claim on your home insurance. It’s likely that you’ll be in a state of shock but, when dealing with such an incident, it usually pays to contact your insurance provider promptly. But how long exactly do you […]

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What does ‘underinsurance’ really mean when you need to make a claim?

Until the day comes that you need to make a major insurance claim, you will probably never worry about the term underinsurance. Sadly though, if you are under-insured and you have to make a claim this can have a devastating impact on your settlement and even put your whole claim at risk, and here’s why. […]

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Does home insurance cover arson fires?

Most standard home insurance policies will cover you for fire damage to your home, but you may not be covered in every scenario. While most policies will cover fire damage to both your home and your possessions inside of it – including any smoke damage that occurs as a result of the fire – there […]

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What is the Material Damage Proviso in a business interruption policy?

If you’ve taken out business interruption as part of your business insurance policy, there will usually be a material damage proviso. But what exactly is a material damage proviso and how does this relate to the rest of the business interruption insurance policy?   What is Business Interruption Insurance? Before considering the material damage proviso, […]

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The roles & responsibilities of the Insurance Ombudsman

If your home insurance claim doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped, you may end up needing the help of the Financial Ombudsman Service. This may be the case if your insurance company refuses to pay you – or isn’t paying you the full amount – or if you have any other dispute about the […]

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Why fire insurance claims are rejected

According to a report by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), home insurance claims have the lowest success rate of any insurance claims. While car insurance claims have a 99% success rate, only 79% of home insurance claims are paid out by insurance companies – meaning more than one fifth of claims are unsuccessful. Knowing […]

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No Smoking Day 2019

Today, Wednesday 13th March 2019, is National No Smoking Day. The day takes place every year to help raise awareness of the benefits of quitting smoking, and to help those who wish to put down the cigarettes for good. Everybody knows the health benefits of quitting smoking, but it’s not just your body that could […]

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How long can an insurance claim really take?

If you’ve suffered a fire, flood or other damage to your property, it goes without saying that you want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. That’s where home insurance comes in. By taking out a home insurance policy, you can go about your day to day life with peace of mind that your […]

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How do you stop water pipes from bursting?

It may be February already, but the winter is due to stick around for a while. With another bout of cold weather on the way, some experts are predicting that we could be facing our coldest winter yet – and it’s not good news for our homes. With the colder weather going nowhere soon, it’s […]

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Smoke damage insurance claims: when to seek help

Surprisingly, when a fire breaks out in a property, one of the biggest risks to life and property is from the smoke and soot it emits. Smoke damage can be devastating and the effects aren’t always visible at first sight, which is why you may need to call in a professional. Here’s what you need […]

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Burst water pipe claims and how to avoid them

When the weather gets worse, there are a few extra precautions you might want to take to protect your property. As well as the increased risk of burglary due to the darker nights and fire hazards posed by Christmas lights and decorations, the winter weather can cause damage to your home – especially the pipes. […]

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Cash settlement insurance claims explained

Whether you’re making a claim for fire damage, a flood, a burst water pipe or something else, every homeowner hopes that their insurance claim will end in a fair settlement. But it isn’t as straightforward as being reimbursed for the costs and damage incurred – there are different ways you can choose to settle your […]

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Property claims management: Homeowner FAQs

If you’ve experienced a fire, flood, escape of water, or other disaster in your home, chances are your biggest concern is getting your life back to normal as soon as possible. It is vital that you receive the full payout you are entitled to from your insurance company, any repair works are carried out to […]

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Business interruption insurance claims examples

Covid-19 Business Interruption –UPDATE January 2021: The High Court have now ruled that many rejected Covid-19 business interruption insurance claims should be paid. For specific information about this, please read our business interruption advice page here When a business is hit by a flood, fire or other disaster, the company’s work will usually be interrupted […]

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Research shows that burglaries soar by 28% when the clocks go back in October

Halloween is approaching, but it’s not just pumpkins, witches and werewolves that you need to look out for. Halloween falls just a couple of days after the clocks go back – and the time of year when the number of burglaries across the UK increases. Even though October 2018 is National Home Security Month, it’s […]

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How to make a loss of business claim

If your business suffers a financial loss because of physical damage to your business premises, you may be covered by business interruption insurance. This can cover damage caused by a fire, water damage, or a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, as well as theft or any other physical damage to the property. […]

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What is National Home Security Month?

This October, National Home Security Month (NHSM) is back for its fourth annual event. Taking place throughout the month, October 2018 will be all about keeping your home safe. Here’s what to expect and why it’s time to start thinking about how secure your home is.   What is National Home Security Month? NHSM is […]

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The role of the surveyor in an insurance claim

When you make a claim on your home insurance, your insurance company will follow a number of steps to reach a decision on how much compensation you should be paid. Before being able to make you an offer for the damage caused, they will need to investigate the claim and assess the total loss caused. […]

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How is business interruption insurance calculated?

Covid-19 Business Interruption –UPDATE January 2021: The High Court have now ruled that many rejected Covid-19 business interruption insurance claims should be paid. For specific information about this, please read our business interruption advice page here Business interruption insurance is there to give you peace of mind that, should anything prevent your business from operating […]

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What do insurance adjusters look for?

Today we’re talking to Martin Chapman, a Morgan Clark Loss Assessor based in the North. Martin has been working in the insurance sector for nearly 25 years and has experience in both domestic and commercial claims. Before joining us, Martin worked as an insurance adjuster, meaning he has experienced the insurance claims process from both […]

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Summer Holiday Home Security Tips

A summer holiday is something that many of us look forward to all year long. It’s a chance to escape, relax and spend some quality time with our loved ones. But nothing can ruin a trip more than coming home to find something terrible has happened to your home while you were away. It’s something […]

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Insurance claim rejected? What to do next

Claiming on your home insurance can be a long and complicated process, but at least it should end in a positive outcome. But what if it doesn’t? Aside from the obvious damage to your property, a rejected home insurance claim might make you feel like many hours of liaising with your insurance company and dealing […]

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Causes of fire and how to prevent them

We can all be guilty of thinking that fire would never affect us or our properties, but fire claims are some of the most common home insurance claims. Even if you have adequate home insurance, nobody wants to experience a fire in their home, but the good news is there are certain measures you can […]

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How to make a flood insurance claim

Flooding can be one of the most devastating things to happen to a home. If your property and its contents have been damaged or destroyed by a flood, the insurance claims process can be especially complicated and may take a long time. Even though experiencing a flooded home can be an emotional time, it pays […]

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What does a claims adjuster do?

A claims adjuster – also known as a Loss Adjuster – is an insurance professional employed by insurers to help with the claims investigation process. Since home insurance claims tend to be large and complicated, the claims adjuster takes on the role of investigating the claim and its validity on behalf of the insurance company. […]

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How do insurance companies investigate claims?

As anyone who’s ever had to make a home insurance claim knows, it can be a lengthy and complicated process. But what goes on during the process and why can insurance claims become so protracted? After you make a claim on your home insurance, your insurer will begin investigating the claim. There are a number […]

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5 fire insurance claims tips for homeowners

If you’ve suffered a fire in your property, dealing with the home insurance claim and the complicated claims process is probably the last thing you feel like doing. These tips for dealing with a fire insurance claim will help make the process as stress-free as possible and increase your chances of a successful insurance claim. […]

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How to make a successful water leak insurance claim

Are you making a home insurance claim for a water leak? If so, here are some things to consider. Home insurance claims are rarely straightforward, but water leaks can be an especially tricky area to navigate. A water leak could be caused by any number of issues, but you might be surprised to learn that […]

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How long do home insurance claims take?

If you’re claiming on your home or contents insurance for the first time, you’re probably wondering how long your insurance claim will take. Even if it’s not your first home insurance claim, making a claim can be a stressful experience and you’ll want to know when the stress of the claims process will be over […]

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Morgan Clark is named as Finalist at the Insurance Post Claims Awards 2018

Morgan Clark is delighted to announce that we have been named as a finalist in the Insurance Post Claims Awards 2018. Morgan Clark is among four companies in the Loss Adjuster/ Loss Assessor of the Year category, which includes Crawford & Company, Davies Group and QuestGates. Returning for their 8th year, the Claims Awards 2018 […]

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Why Do Insurers Appoint Loss Adjusters?

If you ever make a sizeable claim on your home insurance, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a Loss Adjuster at some point. You may already know that a Loss Adjuster is an external actor employed by the insurer, but what is their role in the claims process and why do insurance companies appoint […]

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Burst pipe insurance claims tips & advice

It’s that time of year when the risk of a burst pipe is at its greatest, but a burst pipe can happen at any time. Water damage claims are one of the most common types of insurance claims, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be prepared if it happens to you. If you’re […]

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6 Tips For Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

When you make an insurance claim for fire, flood or other damage to your property, there is a good chance that your insurer will involve an insurance adjuster in the process. An insurance adjuster – or loss adjuster, as they are also called – is hired to investigate and assess the validity of your claim […]

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Clocks go back – and break ins go up

We all need to remember to put our clocks back this weekend. Apart from the fact that we get an extra hour in bed, I always find this really sad. It brings darker evenings and means that winter isn’t very far away. But apparently there are other worrying aspects about the clocks going back. According […]

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Landlords and fire safety: understand your responsibilities

The responsibilities of residential landlords have been very much to the forefront of the news recently, specifically following the catastrophic events at Grenfell Tower. Whatever type of landlord you are – even if you just let out a single dwelling – you need to be aware of what is required of you to ensure your […]

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Winter is coming: chimney advice

I’ve got the chimney sweep coming tomorrow, which must mean it’s getting close to the time when we will light our open wood fire. We don’t use it very much, but I’m very careful about ensuring we have the chimney swept regularly: at Morgan Clark, we see all too often the terrible after effects of […]

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Keeping students safe from fire

Across the country, parents are waving a teary goodbye to their offspring as they head off to university for the first time. I remember it well, and I also remember the constant worry once they’ve gone: what are they doing, are they happy and, perhaps most of all, are they safe? One of the biggest […]

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Fridge freezer fire safety

According to Government fire statistics, approximately 12% of UK house fires are caused by faulty, poorly installed or badly maintained electrical appliances. Most warnings in the past have concentrated on washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers, but fridge freezers can be just as hazardous. In 2018, the consumer body Which? undertook an industry-wide investigation into […]

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Landlords: check your insurance cover

Apparently rents are going down. According to a recent report, this is particularly the case in London, which has been such a hot spot for rentals over the last few years. But it’s also been reported that many London landlords are now turning their attention to other parts of the country rather than expanding their […]

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Insurance transparency scheme: results published

We wrote last year about the launch of a pilot scheme to help consumers compare insurance firms. The results have now been published. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) launched the scheme because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right insurance product at the right price, to understand whether special offers for add-on products are […]

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2017: what’s on the horizon?

Happy New Year! It’s definitely a better January for many this year than in 2016, when households across the country were faced with the aftermath of devastating storms. But we’re now hearing warnings of arctic weather on the way, so we would urge everyone to make sure their homes are protected from the big freeze. […]

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Airbnb and insurance

I was meant to go to Lyon recently for a weekend away but it was cancelled because of the French railway strike. If we had managed to go, we would have stayed in what looked like a luxurious apartment in the centre of the city, which we found online through Airbnb. Airbnb seems to be […]

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Garden security

I’m very proud of my new allotment and we’re just starting to reap the benefits of all the hard work we’ve put in over the last 10 months. But I am absolutely convinced that some of my broad beans have disappeared: I’d left them to get even plumper the previous afternoon and when I went […]

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The EU referendum and insurance

So referendum day has arrived: this Thursday the country decides whether we stay in the EU or leave. The arguments have been played out in front of us but most of us probably made up our minds which way we would vote some time ago. We may all be getting rather fed up with the […]

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Three important questions to ask your Loss Assessor

Most policyholders believe their insurance company will live up to the terms and conditions of their insurance contract, and in many cases they do. It’s important to understand, however, that the loss adjuster assigned to your claim is employed by the insurer so this can bring into question their ability to act independently. Even if […]

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Heath fires: some safety advice

The recent bush fire in Canada is horrific. The latest reports say it’s starting to abate as the weather has cooled and there’s been a bit of rain. But so far 622 square miles have been burnt – one estimate puts this as equivalent to the area within the M25 – and a fifth of […]

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Why insurance claims are rejected

We wrote recently about the fact that one in five home insurance claims are rejected, with the most common reason being the complexity of policies. Many people simply don’t understand the small print of their policies. Specific areas where policyholders are at risk have been explained very clearly by one insurance provider. The Policy Expert […]

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Could there be a Flood Re 2?

And so it’s April 2016….the time has finally arrived when Flood Re is supposed to launch. But will it? We still don’t know for sure. In the meantime, there are new demands from groups who feel let down by this complicated scheme for affordable flood insurance. The latest to issue a statement is the Residential […]

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Parliament debates business flood insurance

One sign that Flood Re is nearly with us is that there is now an official website. This explains in detail this new scheme for affordable flood insurance which will start in April. It’s been a long time coming….but according to many it’s still a long way from perfect. The most common objection to the […]

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Hoverboards and safety fears

Hoverboards have hit the headlines over the past few months because of safety concerns. I confess I’ve never seen Back to the Future 2 (or any of the others), but I understand hoverboards were predicted in this for 2015 – and that prediction has come true, but with terrible consequences. Last week there was yet […]

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Cautionary fire tales

There have been some alarming news stories recently about how fires can start which are certainly worth sharing. Firstly, there has been a safety warning issued about Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit tumble dryers: some of them pose a ‘significant fire risk’. I’ve got a Hotpoint washer dryer so I’ve followed the instructions for checking if […]

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Winter security advice

The clocks went back last week and we’re now well and truly on the way to winter. And, according to one insurer, the long dark evenings increase the danger of thieves breaking in to your home. The Co-operative Insurance has analysed claims dating back to 2013 and found that claims for theft increase by 38 […]

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Stay safe on Halloween

Halloween has become a really big thing here in recent years – it seems to have replaced Bonfire Night as the most popular autumn celebration for children. But last year the dangers it poses became headline news when Claudia Winkleman’s daughter was badly burnt when her Halloween costume caught fire after it brushed a candle […]

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A seasonal warning for businesses

Oh dear. I’ve just come back from the supermarket and already the shelves are starting to display Christmas items. It’s far too early!!! But there is one seasonal message which needs to be spread. As we enter the run up to Christmas, lots of businesses will be taking on seasonal staff and, according to a […]

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Selfie sticks and insurance

Call me old fashioned, but I’m just not into this trend of taking ‘selfies’. And as for using selfie sticks, well I’m in total agreement with some of the venerable institutions around the world which have banned them: Wimbledon, the Palace of Versailles, Wembley Stadium and even Arsenal and Manchester United (the first and only […]

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New law would speed up business insurance claims

When we work with businesses after they’ve suffered a loss as a result of a fire or flood, we know how important it is to finalise their insurance claim as quickly as possible to minimise damage to their trading. Any delays in the process – particularly any delaying tactics by their insurer – can pose […]

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Insurance tax premium rise: a word of warning

In the summer budget, the Chancellor announced a rise in insurance premium tax (IPT) from six per cent to 9.5 per cent, starting on the 1st November. And it seems that this is likely to have a very unfortunate effect: according to two recent studies, some people are now going to buy less insurance. It’s […]

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Deadline looms for landlords’ smoke alarms

It’s now only just over a month until a new law comes into force regarding landlords and smoke alarms. We wrote about this back in April, and now the deadline is looming: from October 1st, failure to meet these regulations could result in a £5000 fine. The new law requires landlords to install smoke alarms […]

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New riots bill on the agenda

It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly four years since the terrible riots of August 2011, and it’s a year since we wrote about proposals to amend the Riot (Damages) Act. This didn’t happen before the election but, now that the dust has settled, it seems that something is going to happen. The House of […]

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Premiums go down – but beware

This would seem to be good news: apparently the cost of home insurance has fallen to a five-year low, according to one comparison site. Moneysupermarket.com reports that premiums are now at an average of £116 a year, compared to £160 five years ago. This is attributed to a dramatic fall in burglary rates across Britain, […]

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Did you get through July 1st?

Apparently July 1st is a very bad day. According to one insurer, there are more claims for accidental damage on this day than any other in the year. As a result, it’s been renamed Clumsy Day. Analysis by Direct Line has shown that there is a 60 per cent increase in accidental damage claims on […]

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Affordable flood insurance delayed

So we were right: Flood Re, the scheme for affordable flood insurance, won’t now come in effect next month. According to reports, it has been delayed until April 2016 – which means that many householders in areas at high risk of flooding could face rocketing insurance premiums until the agreement comes into force. And it […]

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Smoke alarms: testing is not enough

We check our smoke alarm regularly – and it gives us a reassuring beep every time we press the button. Then last week, someone in the house (not me!) left the grill on. Smoke started billowing out and it certainly reached the alarm – which wasn’t activated. In short, it wasn’t working and we’ve got […]

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The dangers of mirrors and jars

We issued a warning this time last year about the dangers of mirrors or glass in the sun. Recent news stories show just how devastating this can be so we’re issuing the warning again. Last time, a pile of papers started to smoulder because of sunlight reflected by a make-up mirror, but the fire didn’t […]

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A new government: more delays for Flood Re?

So the 2015 General Election is over – although as I write this it’s still not completely clear just what is going to happen. Once the dust has settled, it will then only be a few weeks before the new Flood Re agreement for affordable flood insurance is due to become law. This is meant […]

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Compulsory smoke alarms in the rented sector

We wrote recently that it’s now compulsory to have smoke alarms in residential properties in France – but not in this country. But there has now been some news on this score: from October, landlords will be required by law to install working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties. According to the Department […]

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Riot Bill: the latest

There’s some news on the draft Riot Compensation Bill, which we last wrote about back in September 2014. It seems that the government has responded to criticisms that its previous proposals would have excluded all but the smallest businesses from this safety net. The current legislation dates from 1886 and was shown to be completely […]

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Flood Re and flood defences: good news

There were two items of good news regarding flood insurance and flood defences last week. Firstly, Flood Re – the new government scheme for affordable flood insurance – progressed to the next stage in its parliamentary journey. Its ‘secondary legislation’ was laid before parliament, which marks the completion of negotiations with government. This means that, […]

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Small print for business insurance

We’ve written before about the importance of reading the small print on your insurance policy. This advice was in connection with home insurance policies, but some recent research shows that business people are also skipping over the finer details of their cover. According to a recent poll by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, more than […]

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Test your smoke alarms

The subject of smoke alarms was very much in my mind over the last few days. An elderly member of my family was being driven mad by a beeping noise but couldn’t find out what it was – and of course it was because his smoke alarm needed a new battery. And then I read […]

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Don’t drink red wine…

I know from bitter experience that split red wine makes a mess – it’s just gone over the arm of a cream armchair. And it appears that I’m not alone. According to recent research, red wine is responsible for almost a quarter of claims where drinks are spilled over electrical appliances, mobile phones, soft furnishing […]

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Fire warnings from the news

I read a number of newspaper headlines about fires this morning, all of which could easily have been prevented. Luckily no one was seriously hurt in any of them, but they could have been so much worse. The first one actually had a quite amusing headline – ‘Eat oven chips instead’ – but there is […]

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Affordable flood insurance and Flood Re: the latest

Business Secretary Vince Cable was in Somerset last week and among other things answered questions on flood protection and insurance. And one of the statements he made was that the Flood Re scheme to provide affordable insurance for properties at risk of flooding would definitely be ‘operational by the summer’. This comes in the wake […]

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Home insurance costs

Oh dear. I’ve just read a blog in The Guardian which lambasts an insurer for the price quoted when a reader wanted to renew a home insurance policy. He then applied online as if he was a new customer and the cost was significantly lower. This is against a background of lots of insurance companies […]

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New Year, New Resolutions

Welcome to 2015. What can we expect this year? There’s a General Election, a rugby and a cricket World Cup, and a new royal baby. And, as always, I make resolutions but, as I wrote in a blog two years ago, I don’t always keep them. But this year we’re all going to do the […]

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Season’s greetings

We wish all our readers a very merry Christmas and all the very best for 2015. We hope you have a peaceful festive season but remember that we’re only a phone call away if you need help following a fire or flood.

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Beat the freeze over the festive season

It’s nearly Christmas – and over the last few years there have been a number of festive seasons which have been marred by sudden drops in temperature. After the freeze comes the thaw, and that’s when we see problems, with burst pipes causing water to gush through houses and businesses. As water freezes, it expands, […]

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Flood defence spending announced

Without wanting to get involved in anything political, it was good to hear last week that the Government has announced £2.3 billion investment in 1400 new flood defence schemes. The main point all the commentators are making is that this is not new money but simply re-affirming money which had already been pledged. But, as […]

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For once: good news on household insurance

It’s not often you read some good news about the cost of something….but that is exactly what happened this week. Apparently the cost of home insurance has remained pretty stable over the last year – and some aspects have actually gone down in price. And this is despite a significant rise in the average cost […]

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Fire insurance claims for thatched properties can be a minefield

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about woodburners and the particular dangers for thatched roofs. We often have to deal with fire claims for thatched properties and insurance cover for them is much more complex than for properties with standard tile or slate roofs. All insurance policies for thatched properties have warranties which stipulate […]

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Bonfire night safety

It’s the end of October, and so we enter the bonfire night season. There have been some extremely graphic images on the news highlighting the dangers of messing around with fireworks which show the life-changing injuries – or worse – which can come from stupidity or carelessness. So, once again, we’d like to remind everyone […]

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The dangers of wood-burning stoves

Many of us living outside smokeless zones have replaced open fires with wood-burning stoves. And one reason for this is that they are so much more energy efficient: throwing out far more heat than conventional wood or coal fires. But this brings with it additional dangers, as illustrated by a recent claim we worked on. […]

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Preparing your home for winter

The cold winter months can play havoc with our homes. From frozen pipes to leaky roofs, the unpredictability and severity of the British weather can present major problems for homeowners.  Here are some simple steps to help you prepare your home for winter, along with a useful graphic to illustrate the areas of the home […]

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Landlords’ claims can be difficult – even with the right insurance

The property rental market is huge these days. With such high rents being charged, more and more people are tempted into becoming landlords. But we know from experience that it can be very stressful if something goes wrong. Recent figures from the National Landlords Association show that almost 10 per cent of landlords had to […]

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Flood insurance premiums ‘will rocket under Flood Re’

Yet more news on Flood Re, the agreement between government and insurers on flood insurance which is due to be introduced next year. And it seems that there is still widespread reservation about the proposals. The latest response comes from the British Property Federation. According to the Financial Times, the Federation has warned that ‘millions […]

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More hurdles for Riot Act reforms

We wrote recently about the proposed amendments to the Riot (Damages) Act which were announced in this year’s Queen’s Speech. This follows the terrible incidents in August 2011 and the ongoing problems some still face in receiving compensation. The changes to the Act are likely to face significant opposition, particularly because one of the proposals […]

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Chinese lanterns: new guidance issued

A year ago, we wrote about a huge fire at a West Midlands’ recycling plant which was thought to have been started by a rogue Chinese lantern. It caused damage totalling £6 million and put three firefighters in hospital. Five months later, 50 caravans near Tewkesbury were damaged by a fire, also believed to have […]

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Students and insurance cover

The time is fast approaching when a new intake of freshers will leave home for the first time and start their courses at university. One big difference between now and a few years ago is that it is so much easier now to stay in touch with them because of the internet, mobile phones and […]

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Avoiding chimney fires

According to something I read recently, there are approximately 25 million domestic properties in the UK, and of these 60,000 are thatched houses or cottages. But some may be surprised to learn that the risk of fire in a thatched property is actually only half of that for a building with a conventional roof. That […]

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Motorhome owners beware

The roads seem to be increasingly full of motorhomes, and as we’re in the middle of the holiday season we’re seeing even more when we’re out and about. So a recent article on weird and wonderful insurance claims by motorhome owners was quite amusing. Specialist insurer Caravan Guard has compiled a list of the most […]

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Changes likely for riot laws

It’s now almost three years since the terrible riots that spread across the country in August 2011. But the ramifications rumble on: it was back in the news last month after a series of proposed amendments to the law around the subject were announced in the Queen Speech. The Riot (Damages) Act dates from 1886. […]

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SMEs and insurance

We work with many businesses when they need to make an insurance claim, and appropriate cover can make the difference between continuing to trade or going out of business. So it wasn’t good to read recently that the majority of the country’s smaller businesses are underinsured and half a million may actually be breaking the […]

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Insurance claims and neighbours

We all spend more time in our gardens in the summer, which makes us more aware than usual of the people next door. You’re very lucky if you have good neighbours: bad ones can have a significant impact on your quality of life. And this is illustrated by some recent research by MoneySuperMarket. Apparently, one […]

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Glimmer of hope for business flood insurance

In the continuing saga of Flood Re and affordable flood insurance, there have been developments on the subject of cover for small businesses and leasehold properties. At the moment the proposed Flood Re agreement, which is part of the Water Bill and becomes law next year, would guarantee affordable flood insurance for most of us […]

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Holiday swaps: are you covered?

With the summer holidays approaching, many of us are making plans for how we’re going to spend our time off. More and more people, apparently, are choosing to do ‘house swaps’: moving into someone else’s home for a few weeks, either here or abroad, and they move into yours. This seems like a great way […]

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Sporting fever and insurance claims

So the England football team have left for Miami where they are preparing – and perhaps more importantly acclimatising – for the World Cup. Now we face several weeks of wall-to-wall coverage, with the knock-on effect of youngsters (and perhaps the not-so-young) pretending to be budding Rooneys or Gerrards in their back gardens. And at […]

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Insurance claim jargon: initiative launched

One of the issues we often come up against when managing someone’s insurance claim is that they have misunderstood the wording of their insurance policy. It’s hardly surprising as this wording is often impenetrable and confusing. So we welcome the recent announcement by one major insurer that they are launching a new “claims transparency initiative […]

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Cheese on toast warning

We see many different causes of fires when managing insurance claims, and too many of these involve electrical appliances. We’ve written in the past about the dangers of leaving these on when you go out or when you go to bed: all too often, the incidents we deal with are caused by unattended dishwashers, washing […]

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The remarkable story of FLAG

The recent flooding has been life-changing for people in areas across the country. We’ve seen for ourselves the terrible results for homeowners who have asked us to help with their insurance claim, and we’re working hard to get them back into their homes as quickly as possible. But, among all this, we’ve also seem some […]

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Great community response after bungalow fire

A fire in your home has a devastating effect on your life, and we see the impact it has every time people ask us to manage their fire insurance claim. But sometimes the way people react is incredibly uplifting. We’re currently handling an insurance claim for June Booth, who is 83 and lives alone with […]

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Better prediction of floods in the future?

The recent floods hit without warning – although local people had been predicting that it would happen for some time. It’s left a huge bill for the British insurance industry, with estimates as high as £426 million. So recent news of a disaster modelling initiative is very welcome as it may in future provide some […]

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Storm damage insurance claims

With the appalling weather which has been hitting most parts of the country, there has inevitably been a rise in claims for storm damage. But this often leads to complications as there isn’t a hard and fast rule as to what constitutes a storm. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has a really useful section on […]

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Thames flooding victim turns again to Morgan Clark

As we’ve mentioned over the last few weeks, previous clients are coming back to us now they’ve been flooded for a second time. I had a long conversation with one of them a couple of days ago to find out exactly what it feels like to face a second – very complicated – insurance claim […]

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Flood crisis: help with insurance claims

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a couple who used our services when they were flooded in 2003 and have come back for help in the current floods. It seems this is a trend: other people whose lives have been devastated again by floods have turned to us again to handle their insurance […]

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More Flood Re stumbling blocks

So the Water Bill is back in the House of Lords this week – but there is a growing sense of desperation around Flood Re, the proposed new agreement between Government and insurers on affordable flood insurance which is included in the Bill. Recent reports suggest that there may not be a firm agreement on […]

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Flood victims for the second time

We received a phone call last week from someone for whom we managed a flood insurance claim in 2003. They live near the Thames in Middlesex and – yes, you’ve guessed it – they’ve been flooded for a second time after the recent incredible rainfall. One of their first actions was to call us in […]

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Calls to speed up affordable flood insurance agreement

The recent serious flooding in many parts of the country has triggered demands to bring forward Flood Re, the proposed new agreement between the Government and insurers on affordable flood insurance. This isn’t due to come into force until the summer of 2015. There have been reports in the press of the anger felt by […]

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Help with a flood insurance claim

The recent terrible weather in the north of the country was followed by an extraordinary tidal surge along the east coast. This led to some serious flooding, and many people have had to move out of their homes or temporarily close their businesses. This can be a very difficult time. The critical thing is to […]

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Merry Christmas from Morgan Clark

A very merry Christmas from everyone at Morgan Clark. We hope the festive season passes without the need to make an insurance claim but, if you do, then we are always just a phone call away. We wish you all the very best for 2014.

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One step closer to affordable flood insurance

We’ve been writing for a long time about the struggle to find a new agreement between the Government and insurers over affordable flood insurance. Our most recent blogs have been about Flood Re, the proposed solution which will cap premiums and link them to council tax bands. The latest milestone in this becoming law was […]

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Have the right business insurance

There’s always lots of information around about the insurance you need if your home is hit by storms or flooding, but it’s not often that you see advice for businesses. So it was good recently to read an article in Real Business which looked into this: this was prompted by the damage caused across the […]

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New safety scheme for landlords

There’s been a lot in the news recently about the increase in rented properties across the UK. We also hear time and again about fires or carbon monoxide accidents in the rental sector. So it was good to read about a new scheme launched with the support of the Chief Fire Officers Association in conjunction […]

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Betterment and other insurance jargon

I read recently about an insurance claim which had been rejected by the insurer because the couple involved asked for repairs which could be classed as improvements. According to an article in the Basildon Echo, the work was needed after a flash flood hit the house earlier this year. The problem arose because the builder’s […]

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Remember, remember….

So bonfire night is here again, and thoughts as always turn to safety. Many more people these days go to organised events, but there are still some of us who will let off a few rockets and Catherine wheels in the back garden. There is lots of safety advice around and most of this starts […]

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Parliamentary Group responds to Flood Re flood insurance proposal

There’s been another interesting response to the proposed Flood Re scheme, which has been drawn up by the Government and insurers to ensure affordable flood insurance for homes across the UK (you can read about this in an earlier blog). This time it comes from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Insurance and Financial Services […]

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Remember to back up your digital content

I’ve just read some incredible statistics from a recent report: apparently two billion pieces of digital media content have been lost in the last two years by people in the UK. The potential value of this content is over £1 billion. And this just shows how we rely increasingly on our various laptops, tablets and […]

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Chimney safety

It was Chimney Safety Week last week, which reminded me to call the chimney sweep. So this seems like a good time to remind everyone else to do this before winter sets in and we have to light the fire. The frequency of having your chimney swept depends on the type of fuel you use. […]

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New flood insurance proposal facing a rocky road

It seems that the new Flood Re proposal is facing difficulties already – and it’s only a few weeks since it was first mooted. We wrote in July about the Government’s last-minute breakthrough with insurers when facing the expiry of the current agreement on flood insurance. This comprised a plan to introduce a charge on […]

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Managing claims in difficult circumstances

Claims management by its very nature involves responding to the repercussions of an unfortunate incident. But sometimes the devastation to the people involved goes even deeper, and it’s so rewarding to help them overcome these tragic circumstances. One which comes to mind happened in Manchester a couple of years ago. Mr Smith had recently had […]

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Loss adjusters and loss assessors: who pays?

I had a conversation with someone recently who wanted to know the difference between a loss adjuster and a loss assessor. It confuses many people, and we frequently have to explain this when we first meet someone who needs to make an insurance claim. Both of them are involved in the claims process, but their […]

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The hidden complications of insurance claims

When we meet people who need to make an insurance claim after they’ve had a fire, flood or other incident, they sometimes say “I wasn’t sure if you handled my type of claim”. Often this is because they don’t realise the full extent of what they are facing – in particular, the claim may seem […]

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Sporting successes trigger insurance claims

First it was the British and Irish Lions taking the Aussies apart. Then it was Andy Murray winning Wimbledon. Last weekend, it was the nail-bitingly tense first Test, where England finally won through with only a few runs to spare – a fantastic start in our campaign to retain the Ashes. What’s next? How about […]

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Safety in the kitchen

Apparently 60 per cent of accidentally fires in the home start in the kitchen – and this is reflected in many of the fire insurance claims we handle. The most frustrating thing is that so often these could have been prevented. The London Fire Brigade has some very useful advice on safety in the kitchen, […]

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Holiday home insurance claims can be bizarre…

Summer is almost here – well, the ‘summer months’ anyway. So a recent article on yourmoney.com makes for interesting reading for any holiday home owners: it may be bizarre, but it also illustrates how important it is to ensure that you have the right holiday home insurance policy. The article was about the 10 most […]

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Smoking kills

We all know smoking kills, but in more ways than you might think. Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue issued a report recently which showed that all accidental house fire deaths in its region in 2012 were caused by smoking materials. In addition, one out of every 13 house fires was also caused by cigarettes. The advice […]

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Metal theft on the rise

There’s been a lot in the press over the last few years about the theft of lead from church roofs. There have also been tales of train delays caused by stolen rails, and homes without power because of cable thefts. But this week my village hall was hit, with the removal of roofing from a […]

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Make repairs while the sun shines….

Well that was a fantastic bank holiday weekend, and lots of us were out in our gardens for the first time. But memories can be short, and it’s easy to forget the bad weather we’ve had over the last few months. Without wanting to put a dampener on it all, now’s the time to think […]

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The new financial regulators

Among all the other legal and institutional changes which took place in April, there was a significant alteration to the way the financial services industry is run. The Financial Services Authority has been abolished and has been replaced by two successor bodies: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). In brief, […]

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New insurance law will protect consumers

Early April is a time when all sorts of new regulations and government schemes come into being, and many have been highlighted in the news over the last week. There’s one though which hasn’t captured the same amount of attention which we feel is particularly good to see, and we’ve been waiting for this to […]

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Easter is here – and so are the holidays

It may be hard to believe amid the snow and ice, but we’re in the middle of spring and our minds are turning to summer holidays. So once again we’d like to send out a warning… We’ve written before about the dangers of mentioning online the fact that you’re away. And this is backed up […]

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Making a big difference to a business insurance claim

Sometimes we get involved in a claim where the outcome makes a critical difference to our client. This happened recently, when we handled a very difficult claim for a graphic design consultancy. The incident could have had a ruinous effect on the company’s trading and the owner is absolutely convinced that, if we hadn’t taken […]

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Making an insurance claim: from the perspective of a landlord

Over the years, we’ve dealt with a large number of insurance claims for landlords. One common thread between them all is that the landlords involved are completely overwhelmed by making the claim: they nearly always seem to be incredibly busy people, often with multiple properties and businesses to run. If a rented property becomes uninhabitable […]

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Cheap insurance policies could affect your insurance claim

There was a really sad story in the press a couple of weeks ago about a couple whose house was burgled while they were in A&E with their 11-month-old daughter. They thought they had adequate home insurance but, when they made their claim, it turned out that they hadn’t read the small print carefully enough. […]

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How do you choose a loss assessor?

When I’m talking to someone after they’ve had a fire or a flood and they’re considering whether they should use a loss assessor to handle their claim, they often ask the question ‘how do I know you’re reputable?’. The answer is simple: we tell them about the regulation that governs loss assessors. In 2005, the […]

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Landlords: remember your insurance cover

Landlords are very much on my mind at the moment as my daughter is desperately looking for a new flat mate or she may lose her current flat. But as difficult as renting is for tenants, it’s also difficult for landlords: a buy-to-let property is a valuable and potentially high-risk investment which needs to be […]

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Tell Your Insurer Everything

I was watching the BBC’s Rip Off Britain earlier this week, which highlighted the case of a couple whose bungalow had burnt down after fire had spread from a neighbouring property. Their insurance claim had been refused because they were not living there (they were completely renovating the property). The insurer insisted this had not […]

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Some New Year’s resolutions

Every year I make various New Year’s resolutions, and mostly I don’t keep to them. Some have been successful, such as always taking my own bags to the supermarket; others, such as watching less rubbish TV, seem to be forgotten by the second week of January. When it comes to insurance and protecting your home […]

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The big Christmas business closedown

I can remember the days when everyone went back to work on the 27th December. But now many businesses take an extended winter break between Christmas and New Year. While this means some of us can really enjoy the festive season, it also means that many commercial premises will be left unoccupied for an extended […]

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The big winter getaway

As the Christmas and New Year break approaches, I’m planning to stay in the warm and admire the Christmas tree with a glass of sherry. Some though will take the opportunity of lots of bank holidays to go away for a short break, while others will want to leave the cold weather for an extended […]

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Take some photos

  When people contact us for help with an insurance claim, they are usually incredibly stressed and going through a really difficult time. They’ve often lost nearly everything they possess, and while they are trying to get their lives sorted out, they’re also being asked by their insurer for a detailed inventory to support their […]

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Businesses should expect the unexpected

One of the most high-profile commercial claims we’ve ever been involved in was caused by the catastrophic Buncefield explosion. The force of the blast at the oil storage facility measured 2.4 on the Richter scale, and it has been described as the biggest incident of its kind in peacetime Europe. Our client had an industrial […]

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What would you save first in a fire?

When browsing the internet as one does, we stumbled upon some interesting research from My Voucher Codes. They asked 1,219 people what they would save first in a fire – which is a question we asked our Facebook followers recently. We decided to turn their findings into an infographic, which is shown below.  Are we […]

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Common insurance mistakes

As loss assessors, we help people after they’ve suffered a disaster such as a fire or flood. And all too often they say ‘if only we’d….’ and then talk about something they’ve forgotten to do, or put off, or just simply didn’t know about. Sometimes these regrets are all to do with mistakes they’ve made […]

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Landlords must review insurance cover

A recent case has illustrated the need for landlords to ensure their insurance cover is kept up-to-date. If not, they could be left out of pocket in the event of a claim.

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Riot claims law needs changing

The August 2011 riots have exposed an archaic law which has made compensation claims very difficult. A clear, modern definition of a riot is needed, according to one insurance industry body.

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How to make a business flood insurance claim

Thousands of businesses have been hit by flooding over the last year, and the pattern is unlikely to change. A commercial insurer has issued valuable advice to businesses who have to make an insurance claim following a flood.

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Freak floods hit shops too

With the recent heavy rain, many town centres have been hit by severe flash floods. This highlights the need for shop owners to ensure they have sufficient insurance cover against flooding.

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Law may change on commercial insurance claims

Proposed legal reform could make it harder for insurers to avoid paying out to its business customers based on an argument of non-disclosure.

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The danger of kitchen appliances

Almost 6,000 kitchen appliances caught fire in 2010/2011, according to recent research. But the number could be even higher, creating a major hazard in our homes.

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Insurance claim help for those who’ve been hit by floods in Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire or Devon

The country continues to be battered by summer storms, and this time parts of Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Devon have suffered flooding. As the waters subside, business and home owners have to start clearing up the mess – and making an insurance claim.

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Businesses: expect the unexpected

Companies should have adequate business interruption insurance to protect them against the unexpected. This could make the difference between a business “surviving or going under”.

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Help following the recent floods

Floods are devastating parts of the country again, hitting homes and businesses from North Wales to West Sussex. Anyone affected has a difficult time ahead, which will almost certainly include making a complicated insurance claim. But help is at hand through Morgan Clark.

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Businesses: what insurance do you need?

Disaster is as likely to strike a business as it is to strike a home. But, according to one UK insurer, too many small business owners fail to consider all the perils they face, and as a result do not have the right mix of insurance.

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Home security: don’t rely on your neighbours

One in four people believe that having neighbours they trust is key to making them feel safe in their homes. But this could make them overlook basic security and ignore the need for insurance.

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Beware OIympic events

As the 2012 London OIympics approach, many organisations are planning events to celebrate. But it’s important to remember to have proper liability insurance policies in place.

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Comparison site good deals could jeopardise insurance claims

Consumer champion Which? has raised doubts about buying insurance through aggregator sites. It claims that the price you see isn’t always the price you pay, and that some policies could prove invalid in the event of a claim.

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An accidental landlord? Remember to take out insurance

With the current stagnant housing market, many home owners are being forced to rent out their old property. This can lead to a minefield of problems if these ‘accidental landlords’ don’t follow the proper procedures.

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Small firms need business continuity plans

Small firms are falling behind when it comes to drawing up business continuity plans. As a result, they are more likely to fail should disaster strike.

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Don’t drink and drive….household appliances

A third of homeowners have admitted starting a fire or flood, or smashing valuable items, as a result of being drunk in the home. This has led to an astonishing £700m worth of damage, according to one UK insurer.

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August riots invoke ancient law

The riots which broke out across the country last August have led to hundreds of insurance claims. But this has brought into focus an ancient Act which stipulates that liability for covering the cost of damages caused by rioters lies with the police.

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Glimmer of hope for Government flood insurance subsidies

There are signs that the Government may agree to subsidise the insurance cover on homes at risk from flooding, after pressure from both MPs and the insurance industry. This pressure has arisen because of the ending of an agreement between UK insurers and the Government on protecting flood-risk areas.

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How to reduce business insurance costs

In the current economic climate, businesses need to keep careful control of overheads and make savings wherever possible. Insurance is no exception, and a leading insurer has published some advice which should help businesses balance risk with lower premiums.

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Warehouse fire underlines need for business interruption insurance

A recent devastating fire has illustrated the need for good business continuity planning, and in particular loss of profits insurance. Without business interruption insurance, the company at the centre of the blaze could have ceased trading permanently.

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Energy prices add to risk of home insurance claims

Energy prices are soaring – and this is placing homes at risk of burst pipes. According to one survey, families across the country are arguing about when they should put the heating on.

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Avoid insurance claims: simple precautions to protect your home

Winter is fast approaching, and a cold snap could be on its way. One home insurance company has urged homeowners to carry out some simple steps to protect their home from the weather.

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Avoid unwanted animal visitors

Winter is approaching, and we’re all going to spend more time indoors. But we may not be alone: rodents and other vermin are also more inclined to try to get inside our homes. This can inflict serious damage – but is this covered by your household insurance?

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Subsidence insurance claims: Are you covered?

Insurance can be a minefield as far as subsidence and other types of ground movement are concerned. Within this article, we will look at what subsidence is, the potential issues policyholders may come up against when making a subsidence insurance claim, and what can be done in the event of a disputed or rejected insurance […]

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Back to business after the riots

The recent civil disturbances across the UK had a severe effect on many businesses. One local authority called on Morgan Clark to help those affected get back on their feet.

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Remember outside as well as inside

Most homeowners go to great trouble to ensure the inside of their home is fully covered by insurance, but they forget about the outside. Recent research has shown that too many of us are not covered for the contents of the garden.

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Avoid ‘woodpecker’ excesses Beware woodpeckers. A recent case involving one has highlighted the need to read the small print carefully on insurance policies – particularly regarding the excess you are expected to pay in the event of making a claim.

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Are you covered for working from home?

The economic down-turn has encouraged a growing number of people to start their own businesses, and many of these are set up in their own home. But all too often they don’t appreciate the effect this has on their standard home policy and are ignoring the need to take out specific business insurance.

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Warning over Olympic rentals

With the current scramble for Olympic tickets, some successful applicants will also be looking for somewhere to stay during the 2012 London Games. A specialist insurer for the residential lettings market is warning landlords that their insurance cover could be invalidated if their tenants sublet.

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New insurance law would help consumers

A proposed change to insurance laws would make them much fairer for consumers. The new law would put the onus on insurers to ask the right questions rather than requiring consumers to volunteer the right information when taking out an insurance policy.

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Beware social media holiday postings

More and more of us are using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to tell friends and family what we’re up to. And the growing availability of wifi connections in hotels and resorts means we’re all updating our accounts more frequently while away. But remember that this can also expose you to people […]

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SMEs feel more at risk from crime

Over a third of smaller businesses believe they are more likely to be the victim of burglary since the start of the financial downturn, according to recent research. This also revealed that there is considerable concern in the sector over e-risks and cyber crime.

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Holiday homes: are you covered?

With the holiday season approaching, many people with second homes will be welcoming holidaymakers into their properties. But they could be unwittingly flouting the law by not taking out appropriate insurance cover.

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Flooding: be prepared

Flooding is on the increase, and it’s now estimated that over five million people in England and Wales now live or work in properties which are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. There is some very useful information available to help you protect your property, and to advise you what to do […]

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Make your workplace safer

If you are an employer, you must comply with fire safety law. In particular, you must ensure that you – and all your staff – know what to do to prevent a fire in the workplace, and how to escape if a fire does break out.

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Don’t let Royal Wedding street parties lead to disaster

The Royal Wedding is approaching fast, and many communities are putting final plans in place to celebrate together. But insurers have issued a gloomy warning which could take the shine off a street party.

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Protect empty property

Against the backdrop of a tough economic climate, the number of empty retail units, business premises and houses is on the rise. So advice has been issued by insurers for landlords to take action to protect unoccupied properties.

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Homeowners warned about under-insurance

A leading UK insurer has issued warnings to homeowners about under-insurance. It estimates that 65 per cent of home contents insurance holders only estimate rather than accurately calculate the true value of their possessions – leaving them under-protected.

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Taking away the stress of a complicated business claim

When a fire strikes a business, it’s hard enough just to keep operations going. Making a complicated insurance claim adds another level of stress. One dental practice’s experience shows how using an experienced firm of loss assessors can take away this burden and ensure a successful settlement.

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Rise in claims against businesses

The British are now far more likely to make an insurance claim against a business, according to one UK insurer. The risk of being subject to a claim is higher for trades who have direct contact with the public, such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters. So it is vital for them to have the protection […]

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Claims are getting tougher

Insurers are becoming much tougher about approving and paying out on claims, according to recent research. This makes it even more advisable to use an experienced and professional loss assessor to handle your claim.

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Cover for unpaid rent

Insurance policies which are specifically designed for landlords are often very similar to standard home policies. One area where they differ however is that they will also include provision for ‘loss of rent’. But landlords should be aware that this does not provide cover if your tenant defaults.

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Electrical Fire Safety

The first ever Electrical Fire Safety Week highlighted the dangers of overloaded sockets and overheated appliances. With over 60 per cent of all accidental house fires caused by electrical equipment, the campaign outlined the steps individuals can take to protect themselves and their families.

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Long holidays may negate your home insurance

A recent case has highlighted the need to read the small print on your home insurance policy carefully. Many insurance policies stipulate when and for how long you may leave your property empty and, if you contravene this, they may refuse payment.

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Listed buildings: are you fully covered?

There are more than half a million listed buildings in the UK and many are in use as business premises. If a catastrophe such as a fire or flood occurs and more the 40 per cent of the historic fabric has survived, then English Heritage will insist on a full, like-for-like re-instatement. So it’s vital […]

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Too many claims….too little attention

The recent extreme cold weather has led to a massive rise in the number of insurance claims for burst pipes, and insurance companies are finding it difficult to cope. As a result, they are re-directing claimants’ questions to their websites – and this could seriously affect the likely success of an insurance claim.

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Landlords: are you fully covered?

Buildings insurance is the most popular form of policy purchased by a landlord for a buy-to-let property. But there is other cover which should be considered: in particular Landlord’s Contents Insurance. While there’s no legal obligation to take this out, it could provide vital support if disaster strikes.

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Insurers will get tougher on claims

Fake insurance claims are costing the industry over £800 million a year, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Insurers are intensifying their war against cheats and, as a result, making a claim for a legitimate loss is becoming much more difficult. This makes using a professional loss assessor all the more important and […]

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Avoid a burst pipe in your business

The recent atrocious weather has led to a spate of burst pipes across the country. It’s not just homes which have been affected – many businesses have been devastated by water cascading through their premises. If your business has escaped, then don’t be complacent: it could happen to you in the future. A handy checklist […]

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Business interruption: it’s not a simple science

If your business suffers a disaster such as a flood or fire, you face a complicated insurance claim. This will cover not just buildings and contents but also business interruption. And getting the level of claim right – particularly in areas such as loss of profits or increased cost of working – is vital to […]

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Burst pipe in your business? Read our free guide

Every large snowfall is followed by a big thaw – and the inevitable burst pipes. Businesses are as much at risk as homes and face the added trauma of loss of trade and increased cost of working. A free guide from Morgan Clark can help you through this difficult time.

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Homes may be uninsurable against floods

The Local Government Association (LGA) has warned that recent cuts to flood prevention work may leave millions of householders unable to insure their homes against flooding. With one in six homes in the UK estimated to be at risk, this could be a serious problem.

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Is your business at risk from flooding?

You don’t have to be near a large river or by the sea to be at risk from dangerous flooding. All too often it’s a small stream or surface water which is at the heart of major floods. Businesses must be fully aware of the flooding risk posed to their premises and their business before […]

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It’s winter: check your insurance

Now that the clocks have gone back, it’s getting dark earlier – and this puts your home at greater risk. Last November building insurance claims rose by 52 per cent as a result of incidents such as broken windows and damaged doors, while contents insurance claims were 20 per cent higher than the monthly average.

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Businesses flooded in Cornwall: get our free Guide.

The floods in Cornwall this week have devastated many business premises. Business owners face an extremely difficult time dealing with the aftermath and protecting their business. At the same time they have to make what can be an extremely complicated insurance claim. Help is at hand with Morgan Clark’s in-depth Guide to Making an Insurance […]

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A year on from Cockermouth

As the first anniversary of the devastating Cockermouth flood approaches, some people are still not back in their homes. Using a professional loss assessor to handle a flood insurance claim can cut the time you are out of your home by months, as well as ensuring your house is restored correctly.

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Do you know what’s in your home?

If your home is damaged by fire or flood, or if you are burgled, then the first thing your insurer will want is an inventory of the items you have lost. But how many of us know exactly what we have in our home?

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Don’t waste valuable management time

If your business has been hit by a disaster such as a fire or flood, you face huge disruption. A Sussex-based engineering company became increasingly concerned because valuable management time was being diverted into making a complicated flood insurance claim. By handing over the claim to Morgan Clark, senior staff could focus on ensuring the […]

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Professional help prevents damaging losses

As winter approaches, the danger of flooding increases. If the worst happens and your business is flooded, then the experience of one company might reassure you that this disaster can be overcome. By turning to Morgan Clark, they were able to resume trading quickly, agree a very favourable settlement for loss of turnover, and face […]

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Long holiday? Check your home insurance

If you’re going away on a long holiday, you should check the small print on your home insurance policy to make sure you are still covered. Some policies only offer existing cover on properties which are unoccupied for a maximum of 30 days, while others limit it to 60.

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Make sure you’re not under-insured

If you suffer a fire in your business premises and you’re under-insured , then you could face severe difficulties with your insurance claim. One businessman in Hampshire whose restaurants and flats were gutted by fire discovered he did not have sufficient insurance to cover his losses. It was only by bringing in Morgan Clark to […]

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Morgan Clark helps businesses survive

Engaging Morgan Clark to negotiate your insurance claim could save your business. This was the experience of one London-based consultancy after it suffered a loss of vital data. The consultancy’s Managing Director is convinced that, without Morgan Clark’s professional help, the business would not have survived.

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It’s getting harder to claim

It’s getting harder to achieve a fair insurance settlement, according a recent survey. Results from research carried out show that insurers are ‘tightening their belts with stricter interpretations of policy wordings’.

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How long is your indemnity period?

Businesses face significant financial risk if they do not have a sufficient indemnity period for business interruption. Morgan Clark, one of the UK’s leading loss assessors, recommends that businesses take out two-year indemnity cover: this will give enough time to restore the business to the levels it would have reached if the disaster had not […]

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Loss adjusters and loss assessors – who’s who?

You face a lot of confusion if you’ve suffered a disaster in your home and need to make an insurance claim. One area which is difficult to fathom is who does what and why – and in particular what is the difference between a loss adjuster and a loss assessor. Here’s a simple explanation to […]

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Beat your neighbours back indoors

As autumn starts to make itself felt, with torrential rains falling in parts of the country, the risk of flooding is back. If the worst happens and your home is flooded, then using an insurance assessor or loss assessor will enable you to  move back into your house more quickly following a flood. It’s been estimated […]

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Don’t forget the small print

Don’t ignore the small print on a commercial insurance policy, and review it regularly to ensure you still comply with all your policy’s terms. This is the advice of leading loss assessors Morgan Clark, who have seen many companies suffer financially from this oversight.

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Turn a disaster into an opportunity

How can you turn a disaster into an opportunity in the wake of a fire or flood? One couple whose lives were devastated by a fire in their home have achieved this with the help of loss assessors Morgan Clark. They took the opportunity to make long-awaited alterations or extensions to their home which were […]

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