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Business interruption insurance claims examples

When a business is hit by a flood, fire or other disaster, the company’s work will usually be interrupted for some amount of time while repairs, assessments and other procedures are taken care of. Sometimes this will only put the business out of action for a few days or weeks, but sometimes it affects the […]

Research shows that burglaries soar by 28% when the clocks go back in October

Halloween is approaching, but it’s not just pumpkins, witches and werewolves that you need to look out for. Halloween falls just a couple of days after the clocks go back – and the time of year when the number of burglaries across the UK increases. Even though October 2018 is National Home Security Month, it’s […]

How to make a loss of business claim

If your business suffers a financial loss because of physical damage to your business premises, you may be covered by business interruption insurance. This can cover damage caused by a fire, water damage, or a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, as well as theft or any other physical damage to the property. […]

What is National Home Security Month?

This October, National Home Security Month (NHSM) is back for its fourth annual event. Taking place throughout the month, October 2018 will be all about keeping your home safe. Here’s what to expect and why it’s time to start thinking about how secure your home is.   What is National Home Security Month? NHSM is […]

The role of the surveyor in an insurance claim

When you make a claim on your home insurance, your insurance company will follow a number of steps to reach a decision on how much compensation you should be paid. Before being able to make you an offer for the damage caused, they will need to investigate the claim and assess the total loss caused. […]

How is business interruption insurance calculated?

Business interruption insurance is there to give you peace of mind that, should anything prevent your business from operating for a period of time, you won’t have to worry about a complete loss of profit. If you’ve taken out business interruption insurance and something should happen to your business’s property, your insurance will cover you […]

What do insurance adjusters look for?

Today we’re talking to Martin Chapman, a Morgan Clark Loss Assessor based in the North. Martin has been working in the insurance sector for nearly 25 years and has experience in both domestic and commercial claims. Before joining us, Martin worked as an insurance adjuster, meaning he has experienced the insurance claims process from both […]

Summer Holiday Home Security Tips

A summer holiday is something that many of us look forward to all year long. It’s a chance to escape, relax and spend some quality time with our loved ones. But nothing can ruin a trip more than coming home to find something terrible has happened to your home while you were away. It’s something […]

Insurance claim rejected? What to do next

Claiming on your home insurance can be a long and complicated process, but at least it should end in a positive outcome. But what if it doesn’t? Aside from the obvious damage to your property, a rejected home insurance claim might make you feel like many hours of liaising with your insurance company and dealing […]

Causes of fire and how to prevent them

We can all be guilty of thinking that fire would never affect us or our properties, but fire claims are some of the most common home insurance claims. Even if you have adequate home insurance, nobody wants to experience a fire in their home, but the good news is there are certain measures you can […]

How to make a flood insurance claim

Flooding can be one of the most devastating things to happen to a home. If your property and its contents have been damaged or destroyed by a flood, the insurance claims process can be especially complicated and may take a long time. Even though experiencing a flooded home can be an emotional time, it pays […]

What does a claims adjuster do?

A claims adjuster – also known as a Loss Adjuster – is an insurance professional employed by insurers to help with the claims investigation process. Since home insurance claims tend to be large and complicated, the claims adjuster takes on the role of investigating the claim and its validity on behalf of the insurance company. […]

How do insurance companies investigate claims?

As anyone who’s ever had to make a home insurance claim knows, it can be a lengthy and complicated process. But what goes on during the process and why can insurance claims become so protracted? After you make a claim on your home insurance, your insurer will begin investigating the claim. There are a number […]

Why insurance claims are rejected

Making a home insurance claim can be a long, complex process. Whether you’re dealing with a water leak or claiming for fire damage, the damage to the home and everything in it can be extensive and even irreparable. For this reason, having an insurance claim denied can be a very costly affair in an already […]

5 fire insurance claims tips for homeowners

If you’ve suffered a fire in your property, dealing with the home insurance claim and the complicated claims process is probably the last thing you feel like doing. These tips for dealing with a fire insurance claim will help make the process as stress-free as possible and increase your chances of a successful insurance claim. […]

How to make a successful water leak insurance claim

Are you making a home insurance claim for a water leak? If so, here are some things to consider. Home insurance claims are rarely straightforward, but water leaks can be an especially tricky area to navigate. A water leak could be caused by any number of issues, but you might be surprised to learn that […]

How long do home insurance claims take?

If you’re claiming on your home or contents insurance for the first time, you’re probably wondering how long your insurance claim will take. Even if it’s not your first home insurance claim, making a claim can be a stressful experience and you’ll want to know when the stress of the claims process will be over […]

Morgan Clark is named as Finalist at the Insurance Post Claims Awards 2018

Morgan Clark is delighted to announce that we have been named as a finalist in the Insurance Post Claims Awards 2018. Morgan Clark is among four companies in the Loss Adjuster/ Loss Assessor of the Year category, which includes Crawford & Company, Davies Group and QuestGates. Returning for their 8th year, the Claims Awards 2018 […]

Why Do Insurers Appoint Loss Adjusters?

If you ever make a sizeable claim on your home insurance, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a Loss Adjuster at some point. You may already know that a Loss Adjuster is an external actor employed by the insurer, but what is their role in the claims process and why do insurance companies appoint […]

Burst Pipe Insurance Claim Advice

It’s that time of year when the risk of a burst pipe is at its greatest, but a burst pipe can happen at any time. Water damage claims are one of the most common types of insurance claims, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be prepared if it happens to you. If you’re […]

6 Tips For Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

When you make an insurance claim for fire, flood or other damage to your property, there is a good chance that your insurer will involve an insurance adjuster in the process.   An insurance adjuster – or loss adjuster, as they are also called – is hired to investigate and assess the validity of your […]

Beavering away on flood defences

I had to check the date recently as I thought the world had suddenly fast-forwarded to April 1st. But no, it’s December – and the latest scheme to stop flooding may be unbelievable but it is absolutely true. According to an article in The Guardian, a valley in the Forest of Dean is going to […]

Christmas tree fire safety

We’re off to buy our Christmas tree this weekend. Then I’ll be going up into the loft to find the fairy lights, which have been tucked away for a year, and will be keeping my fingers crossed that they are still working. After that it will get the full treatment, accompanied by a mince pie […]

Street lights are going back on

For the past few years, a growing number of councils across the country have been turning off street lights to save money. I’m not much of a late-night person, but apparently my own local council is now turning off hundreds of lights between the hours of midnight and 5.30am in the winter, and 1am and […]

Parliamentary anger over tumble drier fires

There were angry scenes at a Parliamentary committee recently – and it was all to do with something we’ve written about in the past. The subject under discussion was the safety of certain Whirlpool tumble driers sold under the brand names Creda, Hotpoint and Indesit. We wrote in March that some machines had been bursting into flames, […]

Clocks go back – and break ins go up

We all need to remember to put our clocks back this weekend. Apart from the fact that we get an extra hour in bed, I always find this really sad. It brings darker evenings and means that winter isn’t very far away. But apparently there are other worrying aspects about the clocks going back. According […]

Landlords and fire safety: understand your responsibilities

The responsibilities of residential landlords have been very much to the forefront of the news recently, specifically following the catastrophic events at Grenfell Tower. Whatever type of landlord you are – even if you just let out a single dwelling – you need to be aware of what is required of you to ensure your […]

Winter is coming: chimney advice

I’ve got the chimney sweep coming tomorrow, which must mean it’s getting close to the time when we will light our open wood fire. We don’t use it very much, but I’m very careful about ensuring we have the chimney swept regularly: at Morgan Clark, we see all too often the terrible after effects of […]

Keeping students safe from fire

Across the country, parents are waving a teary goodbye to their offspring as they head off to university for the first time. I remember it well, and I also remember the constant worry once they’ve gone: what are they doing, are they happy and, perhaps most of all, are they safe? One of the biggest […]

Home insurance price rises

We’ve warned before about the dangers of just going for the cheapest home insurance you can find. Recent news about the rising cost of home insurance means it’s a good time to issue this warning again. According to Consumer Intelligence, whose data is used by the Office for National Statistics, home insurance premiums are rising […]

Business insurance and terrorist attacks

We are all now so aware of the fact that terrorism can strike anywhere at any time. The recent appalling attacks in and around Borough Market – which is a wonderful place to visit – were just the latest in a growing list of horrific random acts in unlikely places. Following the attacks, Borough Market […]

Safe use of gas barbecues

We went to a family barbecue at the weekend. Being a bit old-fashioned, we were very scathing about the fact that the host was using a gas barbecue. But in fact it produced beautifully-cooked lamb and chicken (although you might say it lacked that normal charcoal flavour – and the added ‘crunch’!). There were lots […]

Fridge freezer safety

It would seem that the catastrophic fire in Grenfell Tower was caused by a faulty fridge freezer. It is so overwhelmingly sad that such a common item could have led to this terrible tragedy. The Electrical Safety First organisation is a registered charity which aims to improve safety regulations and ensure safety messages are appropriate. […]

Flood Re one year on

It’s hard to believe that Flood Re has been in operation for over a year, and it has just issued its first Annual Report. This government-backed scheme, which we’ve written about many times, was launched in 2016 after years of wrangling and is designed to provide affordable flood insurance for properties in high-risk areas. According […]

Insurance claims: badgers and more

Some people think that insurance is boring. Well, we don’t think so – and certainly some recent news from insurance giant Aviva shows it can be just the opposite. They’ve released a list of the most unusual insurance claims they’ve received over the last 10 years from high net worth clients. The most bizarre was […]

Landlords: check your insurance cover

Apparently rents are going down. According to a recent report, this is particularly the case in London, which has been such a hot spot for rentals over the last few years. But it’s also been reported that many London landlords are now turning their attention to other parts of the country rather than expanding their […]

New Act to eliminate commercial insurance delays

So yet another piece of insurance legislation has arrived. The new Enterprise Act 2016 came into force last week and is aimed at ensuring that insurers do not drag their heels unreasonably when negotiating a commercial insurance claim. We’ve written about this before and we applaud the sentiment behind the new Act. But, in common […]

New riot bill now in force

Nearly six years after the riots of 2011, a major change in the law came into force last week. This overturns the very out-dated Riot (Damages) Act 1886 and addresses many of the complaints which arose in the wake of those dreadful events. It became abundantly clear at the time that the old law simply […]

Flood insurance for businesses: Government ‘needs to do more’

We wrote back in December about a new scheme to provide businesses with affordable flood insurance. Launched by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), it was put together to overcome the fact that the Flood Re scheme for affordable flood cover didn’t cover the commercial sector. Last week, BIBA presented its scheme to the All […]

The recent tragic news

It’s been very difficult listening to the news recently, with so many terrible things happening. As an organisation which is involved in the fire industry, we would particularly like to express our heartfelt condolences to everyone who has been affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. It’s hard to find the words which really convey how […]

Flood insurance and flood resilience: the latest

The first ‘named’ storm of the winter had now hit the UK, with Storm Angus causing chaos across the south of England. We’re already on the spot in the worst-hit places, helping people with their insurance claims as the waters subside. It’s the first real incident since the introduction of Flood Re and let’s hope […]

Insurance transparency scheme: results published

We wrote last year about the launch of a pilot scheme to help consumers compare insurance firms. The results have now been published. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) launched the scheme because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right insurance product at the right price, to understand whether special offers for add-on products are […]

Are we planning to flood?

The recent threat of a tidal surge along the east coast of England was dramatic but thankfully it didn’t cause the flooding predicted. Some unfortunate residents did see water coming into their homes but many escaped with no damage. We know from all the times we’ve worked with people in flood-hit areas that one of […]

2017: what’s on the horizon?

Happy New Year! It’s definitely a better January for many this year than in 2016, when households across the country were faced with the aftermath of devastating storms. But we’re now hearing warnings of arctic weather on the way, so we would urge everyone to make sure their homes are protected from the big freeze. […]

Flood cover for small businesses launched

At last: after years of being left out of plans for flood insurance, there’s firm news for businesses at risk of flooding. The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) has this week launched an affordable flood insurance scheme for businesses. One of the key gripes about Flood Re, which was launched earlier in the year, was […]

Don’t run appliances overnight

I witnessed a heated argument at the weekend between two friends, one of whom also works in the insurance industry. She knows from experience how dangerous it is to leave electrical appliances unattended while they’re running. So she was horrified to hear that the other friend often leaves a dishwasher or tumble dryer going when […]

More fire warnings: tumble driers and smoke alarms

Following on from our recent blog about the safe running of electrical appliances, there have been some new safety guidelines issued regarding tumble driers. If you own a Hotpoint, Creda or Indesit tumble drier manufactured between April 2004 and September 2015, then you need to check immediately if your model is affected. Tumble driers sold […]

Bad weather insurance warning for SMEs

When storms Desmond and Eva hit in the winter of 2015/2016, we reported that businesses had been hit very hard, with around half of all insurance claims made by the commercial sector. This makes the findings of some recent research rather depressing news. According to Towergate, over the last five years two thirds of small […]

Facebook posts and insurance

We’ve written in the past that it might happen, but now it might be nearly here: insurers are trying to use social media to assess the risk of their policyholders. It was all over the press recently and while at the moment it’s for car insurance (which we don’t get involved with), other insurance cannot […]

More flood news

With winter approaching, there’s lots in the news about floods. Firstly, the new scheme for affordable flood insurance, Flood Re, has now been in operation for six months and apparently 53,000 properties have been protected through it, which is great. And having started with 16 insurers, there are now 41 providing cover to high-risk properties […]

Loss assessors do make all the difference

As loss assessors, we know the difference we make to the speedy and effective settling of an insurance claim. But it’s not always easy to prove this – until now. One lady’s experience shows just how hard it is to handle a claim by yourself – and how much easier it is if you hand […]

Flood insurance for small businesses?

One of the biggest criticisms of the new Flood Re scheme, which came into force earlier in the year, is that it doesn’t cover small businesses. We’ve written lots over the last few years about this: Flood Re has been introduced to provide affordable flood insurance for properties in high-risk areas, but it excludes businesses, […]

Flood Resilience Review – ‘sticking plaster’?

Following the devastating floods of the winter, we’ve been helping lots of people and businesses with their flood insurance claims. It’s now fantastic to see them going back into their properties and getting their lives back on track. In the wake of the floods, the Government initiated a review which has now been published. The […]

Home insurance and social media

I’m just back from holiday and a lovely time was had by all. And it seems that lots of my friends have also been away: I know that because I’ve seen their posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with scenes of blue seas, tropical paradises, Italian trattorias, French vineyards, golf courses…. Despite the fact that […]

Airbnb and insurance

I was meant to go to Lyon recently for a weekend away but it was cancelled because of the French railway strike. If we had managed to go, we would have stayed in what looked like a luxurious apartment in the centre of the city, which we found online through Airbnb. Airbnb seems to be […]

Summer weather: the perils of lightning

We all know it’s been an incredibly wet summer so far, and our hearts go out to those who have been flooded over the last few weeks. But there’s another dangerous issue associated with these heavy summer storms: the threat of lightning strikes. It seems we’re being hit extremely hard by this stormy weather. One […]

Business flood claim: overturning insurer’s refusal to accept liability

We’ve been helping a lot of homeowners and businesses affected by the winter floods with their insurance claims. Sometimes these claims are more complicated than others, particularly when something crops up which no one could have predicted. One such case happened with a business claim we handled for a bed centre based on the ground […]

Garden security

I’m very proud of my new allotment and we’re just starting to reap the benefits of all the hard work we’ve put in over the last 10 months. But I am absolutely convinced that some of my broad beans have disappeared: I’d left them to get even plumper the previous afternoon and when I went […]

Flood defences criticised

As I’m sitting here, it’s getting towards the end of June and it’s absolutely tipping down with rain. There have been severe weather warnings for a week or so, and now there are reports of flash flooding across the country, including in the West Midlands and Devon. These days, heavy rain is all too often […]

The EU referendum and insurance

So referendum day has arrived: this Thursday the country decides whether we stay in the EU or leave. The arguments have been played out in front of us but most of us probably made up our minds which way we would vote some time ago. We may all be getting rather fed up with the […]

Mortgage providers and home building insurance

One of the issues we may face when people ask us to handle their home buildings insurance claim is that they don’t have sufficient cover. Often this is because they took out their policy a long time ago and have failed to review it and update it regularly to reflect current market values. Some research […]

Winter floods: many insurance claims still not settled

In the wake of the terrible winter storms and floods, apparently 15,000 flood insurance claims have now been made. And according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), 85 per cent of these have received partial or full payment of their claim. But what about the other 15 per cent – 2,250 claimants who so […]

No more delays for business insurance claims?

There was even more good news recently for businesses regarding insurance, following on from our news last week that it’s almost certain Flood Re will be extended to cover the commercial sector. There’s going to be a new law which should ensure that businesses will have their insurance claims settled more quickly. The Enterprise Act […]

Three important questions to ask your Loss Assessor

Most policyholders believe their insurance company will live up to the terms and conditions of their insurance contract, and in many cases they do. It’s important to understand, however, that the loss adjuster assigned to your claim is employed by the insurer so this can bring into question their ability to act independently. Even if […]

Businesses, Flood Re and insurance

It seems that things are on track for what could be called Flood Re 2. According to recent reports, a new scheme to extend Flood Re to cover businesses is likely to be launched in the autumn. It’s not good news for all businesses: it seems that only smaller businesses will be covered, but precise […]

Heath fires: some safety advice

The recent bush fire in Canada is horrific. The latest reports say it’s starting to abate as the weather has cooled and there’s been a bit of rain. But so far 622 square miles have been burnt – one estimate puts this as equivalent to the area within the M25 – and a fifth of […]

Victory for Met Police in riot ruling

So Boris Johnson has won: not the EU referendum, but the Supreme Court case on whether the police are liable for ‘consequential losses’ following the 2011 London riots. The court has ruled in his favour and decided that insurers, not the police, should pay up. This case has been through the courts several times, as […]

Flood prevention: the natural solution?

We wrote in February about an imaginative flood prevention scheme in Oxfordshire aimed at protecting the town of Witney from flooding. Now there’s news of another which apparently stopped some serious flooding in the Yorkshire town of Pickering this Christmas, when the rest of the area was so badly affected. According to a report on […]

Why insurance claims are rejected

We wrote recently about the fact that one in five home insurance claims are rejected, with the most common reason being the complexity of policies. Many people simply don’t understand the small print of their policies. Specific areas where policyholders are at risk have been explained very clearly by one insurance provider. The Policy Expert […]

Flood Re: it’s here

So it’s finally happened! Flood Re has gone live. It’s taken four years to get to this stage, and there have been times when it looked as if agreement would never be reached. But it’s here: affordable flood insurance is now available for the vast majority of the population. Flood Re operates by charging a […]

Could there be a Flood Re 2?

And so it’s April 2016….the time has finally arrived when Flood Re is supposed to launch. But will it? We still don’t know for sure. In the meantime, there are new demands from groups who feel let down by this complicated scheme for affordable flood insurance. The latest to issue a statement is the Residential […]

A busy week for flood news

There’s been a lot of news about flood insurance and flood defences over the last week: here’s a round up. Firstly, there was good news and bad news in last week’s budget for the insurance industry. First the bad news: insurance premium tax (IPT) is rising by 0.5 per cent to 10 per cent, only […]

House fire causes and how to prevent them

Do you put your washing machine or dishwasher on when you go to bed? If you do, then you should stop. According to some worrying statistics, these are more likely to cause a fire than your cooker – and not many of us would think of leaving that on overnight. Figures published by Which? on […]

Scheme coming to compare insurance products

There was news recently that around one in five home insurance claims are unsuccessful. The most common reason for this is the complexity of policies – and this is a key factor for people turning to us when they need help with their insurance claim. It is often just too difficult for policyholders to understand […]

The dangers of tumble dryers

I keep reading about tumble dryer fires. Maybe we’re using them more at the moment because it’s been such a wet winter and we can’t put the washing out to dry, but they seem to be a significant safety hazard. We’ve dealt with many fire insurance claims over the years which were started by a […]

Riot damages claim reaches the Supreme Court

Boris Johnson has been in the headlines over the last few days over his decision to support the campaign to leave the EU. But there could be something else on his mind at the moment: the imminent ruling by the UK Supreme Court on a fight he is having with insurance companies following the London […]

Cockermouth floods: turning to Morgan Clark a second time

It’s so sad that many of the victims of the recent flooding in the north have been through this terrible experience before. Cockermouth in particular is going through its second serious flooding in six years. We worked with many Cockermouth homeowners and businesses after the 2009 floods, helping them with their insurance claims. And while […]

Parliament debates business flood insurance

One sign that Flood Re is nearly with us is that there is now an official website. This explains in detail this new scheme for affordable flood insurance which will start in April. It’s been a long time coming….but according to many it’s still a long way from perfect. The most common objection to the […]

Novel flood defence scheme

There was an interesting item on Radio 4’s The Today Programme this week about flood defences. It focused primarily on the village of Witney in Oxfordshire which was badly flooded in 2007. The measures taken by the local council to protect the area in the future sounds such a great idea. The council spent a […]

Hoverboards and safety fears

Hoverboards have hit the headlines over the past few months because of safety concerns. I confess I’ve never seen Back to the Future 2 (or any of the others), but I understand hoverboards were predicted in this for 2015 – and that prediction has come true, but with terrible consequences. Last week there was yet […]

Businesses hit by recent floods

We wrote last week about Flood Re, the new agreement for affordable flood insurance, and how it’s too late for many people – but that it won’t cover commercial insurance anyway. This is put into perspective by recent news about the damage done to UK businesses by the recent storms. It seems that the floods […]

Flood Re: too late for recent victims

It’s been a little frustrating over the last few weeks to hear on the radio or TV, time and again, discussions over Flood Re. This is something we’ve been writing about for the last four years, but it has received very little headline coverage in the national media – until now. And the key reason […]

Hike in insurance costs for wood burners

We wrote a while ago about the dangers of wood-burning stoves if they aren’t properly installed and maintained. Now there’s news that insurers are increasing insurance premiums for homes which are using them instead of open fires. Wood burners are becoming more and more popular because they provide an attractive and effective way to warm […]

Hit by floods? Here’s how we can help.

In the wake of the recent floods in Cumbria and Lancashire, it’s now time for those affected to try to get their lives back to normal – including starting a flood insurance claim. We’ve already talked to people in the affected areas about what they need to do, and for many it’s a huge relief […]

Cautionary fire tales

There have been some alarming news stories recently about how fires can start which are certainly worth sharing. Firstly, there has been a safety warning issued about Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit tumble dryers: some of them pose a ‘significant fire risk’. I’ve got a Hotpoint washer dryer so I’ve followed the instructions for checking if […]

Four-step plan for burst pipes

I’ve had to scrape the ice off the car over the last couple of days: it’s suddenly become really cold. And with Christmas not very far away, many of us may be planning to go away for a winter break, leaving the house vulnerable to a freeze. After a freeze, there’s the danger of burst […]

Flood advice for homeowners

With the summer now all but a distant memory, thoughts turn to protecting our homes from the winter elements: frost, snow, and above all else, flooding. Already this year we’ve witnessed flooding in some northern parts of the country, and with more heavy rain and freezing weather expected over the coming weeks, it is inevitable […]

Flood Re: the final step for affordable flood insurance

So, we really are nearly there now. Last week, the final piece of the jigsaw for Flood Re fell into place, with the signing of the regulations by Floods Minister Rory Stewart. After several years of wrangling and delay, it seems that the scheme will definitely come into force next April, thus ensuring affordable flood […]

Protect your home before the big freeze

It’s only six weeks until Christmas, but it doesn’t feel like it: the temperature is still mild in most parts of the country. But winter weather could arrive at any time now and, judging by the number of berries on holly trees, it may get extremely cold. So before the full force of winter hits […]

Winter security advice

The clocks went back last week and we’re now well and truly on the way to winter. And, according to one insurer, the long dark evenings increase the danger of thieves breaking in to your home. The Co-operative Insurance has analysed claims dating back to 2013 and found that claims for theft increase by 38 […]

Stay safe on Halloween

Halloween has become a really big thing here in recent years – it seems to have replaced Bonfire Night as the most popular autumn celebration for children. But last year the dangers it poses became headline news when Claudia Winkleman’s daughter was badly burnt when her Halloween costume caught fire after it brushed a candle […]

A seasonal warning for businesses

Oh dear. I’ve just come back from the supermarket and already the shelves are starting to display Christmas items. It’s far too early!!! But there is one seasonal message which needs to be spread. As we enter the run up to Christmas, lots of businesses will be taking on seasonal staff and, according to a […]

Animal dangers

I don’t have any pets – and according to a recent news article it might be just as well. One major insurer has reported that they can lead to some rather weird and wonderful insurance claims. RIAS has looked at its claims from last year and some of the more unusual ones involved animals. These […]

Autumn home safety advice issued

We’ve had a great end to the summer, with fantastic weather up to last weekend. But now it appears that autumn is well and truly upon us, the clocks will go back soon, and winter can’t be far behind. And apparently it’s this time of year when fire services receive an increase in calls to […]

Selfie sticks and insurance

Call me old fashioned, but I’m just not into this trend of taking ‘selfies’. And as for using selfie sticks, well I’m in total agreement with some of the venerable institutions around the world which have banned them: Wimbledon, the Palace of Versailles, Wembley Stadium and even Arsenal and Manchester United (the first and only […]

New law would speed up business insurance claims

When we work with businesses after they’ve suffered a loss as a result of a fire or flood, we know how important it is to finalise their insurance claim as quickly as possible to minimise damage to their trading. Any delays in the process – particularly any delaying tactics by their insurer – can pose […]

Insurance tax premium rise: a word of warning

In the summer budget, the Chancellor announced a rise in insurance premium tax (IPT) from six per cent to 9.5 per cent, starting on the 1st November. And it seems that this is likely to have a very unfortunate effect: according to two recent studies, some people are now going to buy less insurance. It’s […]

Mapping the risk of groundwater flooding

It’s not long until Flood Re is implemented, which is aimed at providing affordable flood insurance for everyone – even those in high-risk areas. As part of this, insurers want more accurate flood data to help calculate risk, and this has highlighted what in the past has been a weak area: mapping the risk of […]

Beware: more sinkholes appearing

August has been a complete wash out for many of us, and this seems to be part of a recent pattern of more and more rain. One side-effect of this is that sinkholes are becoming more common: in just the last few weeks both the Mancunian Way and the A27 in Hampshire have been closed […]

Deadline looms for landlords’ smoke alarms

It’s now only just over a month until a new law comes into force regarding landlords and smoke alarms. We wrote about this back in April, and now the deadline is looming: from October 1st, failure to meet these regulations could result in a £5000 fine. The new law requires landlords to install smoke alarms […]

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Will I annoy my insurer by using Morgan Clark?

If your insurer is trying to dissuade you from using Morgan Clark, you should question why they are against the idea of you being equally represented. A Loss Assessor can only help a policyholder claim for what is legally within their insurance contract - is their reticence based on them looking to settle your claim as cheaply as possible?

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