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What is the difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor?

If it’s the first time you have to make an insurance claim, there’s so much to take on board. Part of this is working out who does what in the claims process. One of the most difficult things to understand is the difference between Loss Adjusters and Loss Assessors.

Loss Adjusters and Loss Assessors are both insurance claim professionals, however, there is one key difference in their roles during the insurance claim process:

• Loss Adjusters are employed by the insurance company but they are supposed to remain independent.
• Loss Assessors work for you, the policyholder. They are independent professionals who are employed by you to protect your interests.

A Loss Adjuster’s job is to adjust the claim presented to them by the policyholder or their Loss Assessor. The Loss Adjuster is paid by the insurer to decide what will be paid for – and what will not.

An independent Loss Assessor, such as Morgan Clark, will take over the responsibility to compile and present your insurance claim. We will deal with the insurer’s Loss Adjuster on your behalf, and will protect your interests every step of the way so you receive the very best settlement under the terms of your insurance policy.

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Here Phil Morgan explains the difference between a Loss Assessor and Loss Adjuster in his own words…(90 secs)

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    Make sure you are equally represented

    It is important to engage an independent Loss Assessor as early as possible in the claims process. Morgan Clark regularly represent home owners, landlords and business owners. To follow is a basic outline of the services we provide…

    For residential and landlord policyholders:

    • Full claims management by a dedicated professional who will always be your single point of contact.
    • Organising emergency repairs and securing your property.
    • Helping to find alternative accommodation for you and your family or tenant, if necessary.
    • Bringing in experts to assess the damage to your property and to ensure it is re-instated to the highest standards.
    • Compiling your contents and buildings claims.
    • Negotiating the type of settlement you want.

    For commercial policyholders:

    • Full claims management by a dedicated professional who will always be your single point of contact.
    • Organising emergency repairs and securing your property.
    • Securing liability acceptance with your insurer as quickly as possible to avoid delays.
    • Finding alternative office, factory, warehouse or appropriate premises.
    • Negotiating interim payments to cover emergency funding, replacement plant and equipment, and re-stocking.
    • Calculating the full losses for your business interruption claim, including loss of profit and increased cost of working.
    • Compiling your contents and buildings claims.

    Having experienced an insurance claim from start to finish, our client, Mr Buck, made the following comments:

    …the insurance company’s response when I contacted them was woefully inadequate. The contrast when Morgan Clark got involved was immense. I was assisted all the way and Pino especially used his knowledge of landlords requirements to tailor the works to my benefit.” – Mr Buck

    Read more of our client reviews here.

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