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Whether you are a home owner, landlord or business owner, these pages have been created for you by industry experts at Morgan Clark to help you become better informed at the outset of your insurance claim...

What is the difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor?+
Loss Adjusters and Loss Assessors are both insurance claim professionals, however, there is one key difference in their roles during the insurance claim process...

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Loss Assessors: The law+
Loss Assessors work on behalf of policyholders when they need to make an insurance claim. By law, a Loss Assessor must be ‘authorised’ by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means they have met the stringent standards required to manage an insurance claim on behalf of a policyholder.

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Loss Adjusters: Your questions answered+
Anyone who has been involved in a major insurance claim, will have likely come into contact with a Loss Adjuster. This guide will provide answers to the frequently asked questions relating to the role of the Loss Adjuster in the insurance claim process.

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Insurance Claim Process +
At the beginning of a claim many people find it helpful to know what to be prepared for in the coming weeks and months. We have created an outline of the insurance claim process for homeowners, landlords and business owners so you can see what your claim is likely to involve.

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Free Insurance Claim Guides +
Whether you have suffered a fire, flood or burst pipe to your residential or business property, you can read one of our in-depth guides explaining the steps you need to take and what to consider at each stage of your insurance claim.

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Despite all the assurances from both my broker and insurer that they had made me the best possible offer, you were still able to secure a settlement that was more than double the figures they had originally proposed. I had no idea bringing you on board would make such a big difference to the settlement.

I won’t hesitate to call you. Thanks again for the great service.

Lord Alan Sugar

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