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Residential landlords' claims

If you’re a landlord and your property has suffered a disaster such as a fire or flood, then you face what could be a complicated and stressful insurance claim. By handing your claim over to Morgan Clark, this burden is taken away. Your property will be reinstated to the highest standards and your loss of rent claim settled quickly and efficiently. It will also ensure that your valuable investment will start to generate income again more quickly.

Landlords’ insurance claims are not the same as standard domestic claims: they will usually include loss of rental income as well as buildings and landlords’ contents. Morgan Clark’s professional loss assessors have considerable experience of working on behalf of landlords with residential or commercial properties. Our expertise has ensured they receive their full entitlement under the terms of their insurance policy.

Morgan Clark will work with you through the whole claims process. One of our highly-experienced claims managers will act as your single point-of-contact, sorting everything out for you and guiding you through the claims procedure. We will:

  • organise specialist fire or flood restoration works as well as emergency repairs to your property.
  • uncover the full extent of damage to your property so you don’t store up problems for the future.
  • assess and compile your buildings and landlord’s contents claim.
  • accurately calculate and compile your claim for loss of rental income.
  • deal with your insurer and their loss adjuster, attending all meetings on your behalf and responding to all letters.
  • explain all the options available for settling your claim: for example, re-instating your property or agreeing a cash settlement.
  • help you choose specialist independent surveyors and re-instatement contractors who will restore your property as you want.
  • oversee the surveyor during the preparation of the scope of works and specification, to ensure your interests are protected at all times.
  • give you control over the style and quality of the re-instatement.

”Using your company has been a revelation. I feel anyone you contact should use your services. If you ever have any client in two minds, you have my permission to get them to ring me for a reference.”

Mr Bayagbona

”I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Morgan Clark as they helped me through the minefield of dealing with the insurance adjuster and all the problems that that entailed, and trust me there were some. It’s good to know someone is on your side.”

Nicola Jackson

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“We often need to tell new clients that, as the owner of the building and its contents, they have the final say over who works in their home and what happens to their possessions, not the insurer.”

Matt Rawlingson
Morgan Clark Loss Assessor

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"They did everything for me, saving me a lot of aggravation and allowing me to carry on with everything else I needed to do while the claim was being processed. Using Morgan Clark was one of the best decisions I could have made."

Mr Laughton, Lancashire

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