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Other home insurance claims

Disaster can strike at any time in your home. It might be from a storm, impact damage caused by someone driving into your property or the failings of a third party. Whatever it is, you face a complicated insurance claim – and this is where Morgan Clark can help.

Impact from a car or lorry at your home can cause extensive damage. Once the emergency services have dealt with the safety and security of your property, you face a difficult insurance claim. It’s important you don’t lose out financially and that your life and property can return to normal as soon as possible.

A third party claim at your home can arise through losses you’ve suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence – for example, a neighbour, contractor, architect or surveyor. In these cases, the insurance process can be even more complicated than normal. There may be problems with the third party’s insurance cover, and they will undoubtedly try to avoid accepting liability. Unlike a normal insurance claim, law dictates that it is the claimant’s responsibility to prove that the third party is liable.

Help with your insurance claim

Morgan Clark can help with all these different and often very difficult types of insurance claim, using all our experience to guide you through the procedures involved. We will, where appropriate:

  • Deal with emergency repairs to your property.
  • Find appropriate emergency housing for your family as well as arranging emergency funding.
  • Handle all dealings and contact with your insurer and their loss adjuster, including attending all meetings.
  • Arrange valuations and accurately calculate the full extent of your claim.
  • Put your claim together, covering every item of your loss.
  • Deal with investigators, structural engineers and surveyors brought in to assess your claim.
  • Bring in experienced independent surveyors, engineers and contractors who will work in your best interests.
  • Negotiate the settlement you deserve.
  • Manage any building works to ensure they are carried out correctly.

We can help in the immediate aftermath of an incident at your home. Alternatively, if you are experiencing problems with your claim or are unhappy with the proposed settlement, we can step in and take over negotiations on your behalf. It’s never too late – but the sooner you engage Morgan Clark, the more we can help you.

”Using your company has been a revelation. I feel anyone you contact should use your services. If you ever have any client in two minds, you have my permission to get them to ring me for a reference.”

Mr Bayagbona

”I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Morgan Clark as they helped me through the minefield of dealing with the insurance adjuster and all the problems that that entailed, and trust me there were some. It’s good to know someone is on your side.”

Nicola Jackson

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“It makes sense for building works to be overseen by a suitably qualified chartered surveyor. In my experience their expertise is vital in convincing the insurer that certain works are necessary.”

Sara Bailey
Morgan Clark Loss Assessor

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"Without Morgan Clark, we would have had to handle all the negotiations with the insurers, and we wouldn't have had a clue where to start. Morgan Clark knew exactly what to do and made all the difference."

Mr Allison, Derbyshire

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