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Lancashire: break in at landlord's house - £20,000 malicious damage claim

Miss McMahon owns a property in Burnley, which she lets out to tenants. Over the last few years, the terraced house has been broken into several times. Unfortunately another break-in occurred and this time the damage was extensive.

In short, the house was wrecked: the back door was kicked in, the boiler stolen, floorboards ripped up, ceilings pulled down and pipework stripped out.

Miss McMahon realised immediately that she faced a difficult insurance claim: in particular, because this was not the first time there had been malicious damage as the result of a break-in at the house. A friend who had used Morgan Clark for an insurance claim suggested she got in touch with them, so she followed his advice.

The claim

Morgan Clark took over the claim from the very start. In particular, they were able to overcome Miss McMahon’s insurer’s initial suspicions over the fact that this was not the first claim for a break in. Morgan Clark then brought in both specialist surveyors to put together a specification for re-instating the property and building contractors who specialise in insurance re-instatements.

According to Miss McMahon, “Morgan Clark did absolutely everything for me: they handled all the paperwork, letters and phone calls, and they kept me informed every step of the way.”

The results

Following negotiations with Miss McMahon’s insurer and loss adjuster, Morgan Clark were able to secure a settlement which exceeded her expectations. As part of the re-instatement work, higher-quality external doors were installed “so no one will get in now!”

According to Miss McMahon, “Morgan Clark were fantastic. They took all my worries away and lifted the pressure after the break in. They sorted everything out and I was very happy with the outcome.”

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"When it happened I felt so lonely and was so worried about whether I would receive an insurance payment. But Morgan Clark took this worry away and gave me the confidence I needed to face this horrible experience."

Mr Panjganj, Hampshire

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