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Other business insurance claims

For incidents such as burglary, theft, impact damage or third party claims.

An incident such as a burglary, theft or impact by a vehicle at your business could put its future at risk. Its ramifications may go further than the damage to your premises, stock or contents: your ongoing operations may be severely affected.

Alternatively, you may have suffered losses or sustained damage through the negligence of a third party – perhaps a neighbouring business or a professional such as a surveyor or architect.

When it comes to making what could be a complicated insurance claim for any of these types of incidents, you need an expert on your side.

Morgan Clark are professional commercial loss assessors. We’ve helped many businesses who have suffered similar incidents and understand the challenges you will face. With our support, guidance and advice, we can make all the difference to your insurance claim, ensuring you don’t lose out – financially or otherwise.

Morgan Clark can help with many different types of insurance claims, including burglary, theft impact damage and third party insurance claims.

For burglary and theft insurance claims, we will:

  • Negotiate interim payments to cover emergency replacement of stolen items.
  • Compile proof of what was stolen.
  • Arrange estimates and valuations, and accurately calculate the full extent of your claim.
  • Deal with your insurance broker, the insurer and their loss adjuster and any special investigators, handling meetings and all contact.
  • Calculate accurately your business interruption claim, including loss of profits and increased cost of working, using our expert consequential loss accountants.

For impact damage insurance claims, we will:

  • Find alternative temporary commercial accommodation and equipment.
  • Negotiate emergency funding to cover items such as staff wages.
  • Compile your insurance claim.
  • Calculate your business interruption claim, including loss of profits and increased cost of working.
  • Deal with your insurance company and their loss adjuster, investigator, broker, surveyor, contractors, solicitors, etc.

”Using your company has been a revelation. I feel anyone you contact should use your services. If you ever have any client in two minds, you have my permission to get them to ring me for a reference.”

Mr Bayagbona

”I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Morgan Clark as they helped me through the minefield of dealing with the insurance adjuster and all the problems that that entailed, and trust me there were some. It’s good to know someone is on your side.”

Nicola Jackson

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“Following a major incident, a company can become very vulnerable. Having an expert loss assessor to deal with the claim allows the directors to concentrate on running the business.”

Phil Morgan
Director, Morgan Clark

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"We felt so much more confident because we had someone fighting our corner. Morgan Clark understand insurance jargon and speak the same language as the insurance company. Once they were on board, we didn't have to do anything until the claim was agreed and settled."

Mr Sur, Berkshire

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