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Commercial fire claims

A fire at your offices or commercial premises can put your whole business at risk. Delays in getting liability accepted by your insurers can have a dramatic effect on cash flow as the insurers will not pay anything until they are happy that they are liable and that you have met all the conditions contained within the insurance policy.

Morgan Clark provides a complete claims management service. Our team of specialist commercial loss assessors will work on your behalf to safeguard your business and to get you operating again as quickly as possible.

We will take the pressure off so you can focus on the future of your business, such as fulfilling existing orders and retaining customers.

We will:

  • negotiate interim payments to maintain cash flow and cover emergency costs, such as re-stocking, replacement plant and computers, and staff wages.
  • find alternative office premises, warehouse or factory.
  • find temporary storage, equipment or vehicles.
  • assess damage and loss, and compile your insurance claim, covering fixtures and fittings, buildings, contents, stock and tenant’s improvements as appropriate.
  • calculate accurately your business interruption claim, including loss of profits and increased cost of working, using our expert forensic and consequential loss accountants.
  • deal with the insurance company and all their professionals on your behalf: their loss adjuster, surveyor, contractors, solicitors, etc.
  • oversee the building re-instatement works.

In short, we take the pressure off so you can focus on the future of your business.

In particular, we’ll ensure that the full extent of damage to your business is covered, which may not be immediately apparent. Smoke and soot or water from fire hoses can penetrate into hidden areas or corrode vital equipment, storing up problems for the future.

Whatever your business, and wherever you are in the claims process, we can help. However the sooner you get us involved, the sooner we can start making things happen to ensure you receive the maximum settlement you are entitled to.

”Using your company has been a revelation. I feel anyone you contact should use your services. If you ever have any client in two minds, you have my permission to get them to ring me for a reference.”

Mr Bayagbona

”I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Morgan Clark as they helped me through the minefield of dealing with the insurance adjuster and all the problems that that entailed, and trust me there were some. It’s good to know someone is on your side.”

Nicola Jackson

We're here to help

“Securing emergency funding following a major incident is one of our most critical objectives. Without it, cash flow quickly becomes a major issue and staff and suppliers can’t be paid.”

Marc Ross
Claims Director

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"If Morgan Clark had not been on board, we would not be here now. They took over everything, which allowed us to get on with managing the recovery of the business. The real difference was they knew the rules of the game."

Mr Diamond, South Wales

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