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Will my insurance company treat me differently?

There is no reason why your insurance company or loss adjuster should not be encouraging you to appoint your own loss assessor…

Sadly, the loss assessing industry, as a whole, does not have a very positive reputation. As with all industries, you will find there are those who act responsibly and fairly but their decency is often overshadowed by those who do not practice the same level of professionalism.

Over the years, we have found by employing a non-confrontational approach to negotiations, working with the loss adjuster rather than against them, our client’s claims are run more smoothly and efficiently. Many adjusters have even recommended their clients use Morgan Clark as they would far rather deal with us than any of our competition.

You might even find that your Morgan Clark loss assessor was once a loss adjuster themselves. This gives us a unique insight into the perspective of the loss adjuster and goes a long way to fostering and retaining the good relationships we have with adjusters and insurance companies across the board.

Why might your loss adjuster not want you to appoint a loss assessor?

While we make every effort to develop good relationships with all adjusters, much like the assessing industry, there are good and bad loss adjusters. You might find that the adjuster appointed to your claim discourages you from appointing your own assessor.

But why would they when there are so many benefits to them as well as you? Such as:

  • Management of the claim undertaken by an experienced professional – enabling the adjuster to do their job more efficiently.
  • Questions and queries answered by the loss assessor – fewer phone calls between the loss adjuster and the policyholder.
  • Equal understanding of the insurance terms and claims process – we speak the same language.
  • Claims presented professionally.
  • Efficient management of contractors.
  • Retention of their customer’s loyalty when claims are run smoothly.

If your loss adjuster is trying to dissuade you from using our services, you should question why they are against the idea of you being equally represented. After all, a loss assessor can only help a policyholder claim for what is legally within their insurance contract. Is their reticence based on them looking to settle your claim as cheaply as possible?

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“Morgan Clark came in, took it over, and told us what we could and couldn’t do. That is exactly what you need when you face something like this.”

Mr Booth, Lancashire

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