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The loss assessing industry has been in existence for over 100 years but over the last 20 years it has seen great upheaval. It is rare to find a company like us which is still trading in the same way, with the same people heading it up…

We were established in 1999 by Tony Clark and Phil Morgan, who still actively lead the company today. Over the years Morgan Clark has grown steadily to become the UK’s most established and trusted loss assessing firm.

Some things have changed, for example from one office in 1999, we now have eight across the country. But some things remain the same; many of the original staff are still with us, the same directors and the same commitment to professionalism.

One thing we are very proud of is that we were the first firm of loss assessors to be authorised by what was then the Financial Services Authority to handle client’s money (this is now the Financial Conduct Authority). We met all the criteria laid down as soon as the regulation scheme was launched in 2005. In short, we led the field – and we continue to do so with our unique blend of technical expertise and negotiating skills.

Morgan Clark takes a very different approach to many other companies. We are never confrontational: we don’t believe this achieves the best results for our clients. Instead, we take a carefully-measured approach. Indeed, in a recent industry survey, an insurer was quoted as saying: “Morgan Clark…work with the adjuster and ourselves to bring a mutually-acceptable and prompt solution to each claim.” (Senior Claims Adviser, Insurance Company, Industry Age Magazine).

Many of our clients have offered to speak to others who find themselves in the same position they were in. They understand how you’ll be feeling and the questions you’ll have. You can read some of our client’s thoughts on their experience here or call us if you’d like their contact details to speak with them directly.

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"Morgan Clark did a fantastic job. They relieved the pressure, kept me informed and were so efficient and thorough. You couldn't find a better company to deal with my situation."

Mr Ward, Yorkshire

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