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Loss Assessors and your Claim Maker Team

Are you confident you can handle your insurance claim alone?

As your loss assessor, we will:

  • Arrange all of your emergency and long-term accommodation

  • Remove the stress of dealing with your insurance company and their loss adjuster

  • Ensure you are in control and have the final say on all decisions

  • Prepare your claim and present it in a way that will achieve the maximum settlement you are entitled to

  • Get you back in your home faster than your insurers can on their own

Your loss assessor will help you build your Claim Maker Team to keep you in control of your insurance claim – this includes, but is not restricted to, your surveyor, contents specialist and builder.

Loss Assessor
Chartered Surveyor
Contents Specialist

The Claim Maker Team service is unique in the insurance claim industry. For a more detailed explanation of the difference having a team of insurance claim experts on your side will make, please click here.

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How much will it cost?

Our services are free, find out how our fees are covered by the preferential rates we negotiate with professionals…

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Will my insurance company treat me differently?

We find that this is one of the main concerns when deciding whether or not to appoint a loss assessor. Let us put your mind at rest…

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Who are Morgan Clark?

Established since 1999, we have been successfully managing claims for many years – find out more about us…

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People we've helped with fire insurance claims

“I didn’t know companies like Morgan Clark existed. Over the next 13 weeks I lost count of the number of times I was glad that Mark had been the first contact we had after the fire was extinguished. The other two main contacts we had, Martin and Anne, were very professional and also answered all our questions with clarity. I don’t know what we would have done without them. I doubt if any other company could have dealt with our problems in such a professional manner.”

We were very happy with your hard work on our behalf and wish we had contacted you immediately following the fire.”

People we've helped with flood insurance claims

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and advice throughout our flood damage claim, it made things much easier and less stressful for us.”

Graham Bye – he was like Noah when the floods struck. We were very lucky to have used Morgan Clark. It made a tragic circumstance much easier… David was easy to deal with and also importantly very good at his job. He was intuitive. His knowledge of all the processes and characters was priceless.”

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What is a Loss Assessor?

A loss assessor, sometimes known as a public loss adjuster, works on behalf of you – the policyholder – to ensure your insurance claim runs smoothly and that you receive the full insurance settlement you are due following a fire, flood, or other disaster at your home or business.

Loss assessors are employed by you to protect your interests; they will liaise with your insurer and all other parties on your behalf, including brokers, surveyors, contractors, solicitors and loss adjusters. As the home or business owner, you decide how much control over the daily process you retain. Your loss assessor will work with you however you feel most comfortable.

Some clients like to take full control, while their assessor keeps them informed at every stage, others prefer to work together in partnership with their assessor throughout the entire claims process.

When it comes to collecting their fee, all loss assessors operate differently. Morgan Clark is able to provide services free of charge to the policyholder, as all claim management fees are collected directly from the network of contractors we introduce, and not the client or the insurance company.

In contrast to a loss assessor, a loss adjuster is appointed by the insurance company and their fees are paid directly by the insurer. Many claimants decide to work with a loss assessor as they do not feel confident their loss adjuster can be truly impartial when adjusting their claim. More information about the roles of the loss adjuster and loss assessor can be found here. Ultimately, loss assessors are here to help you, so by engaging the services of a proven company, you’ll save time, money, and a lot of unnecessary stress.

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